Jean Wyllys used Rita Lee’s music to convince Boninho to put him on ‘BBB’

Champion of the 5th edition of the reality show said he felt the singer’s death deeply

In a video on a social network, journalist, writer and artist Jean Wyllys revealed that he used a Rita Lee classic to answer two questions in the final phase of interviews for the selection for ‘BBB’, in 2005.

The first question was asked by general director Boninho: how he dealt with rejection. Another director wanted to know if the candidate thought gay people were lonely.

“My response was to quote a line from ‘Mutante’: ‘every time I feel a little rejected, a lump comes to my throat, I cry until my soul is dry of all hurt, then I move on to another, like a mutant; deep down, always alone, following my path.”

The aforementioned song, composed by Rita Lee and her life partner, Roberto de Carvalho, is part of the album ‘Saúde’, released by the singer in 1981. (Watch the video at the end of the post.)

“There is a solitude of ours; us, the different, the strangers. We, the black sheep of the family,” reflects Wyllys. “Even surrounded by people, there is a loneliness that accompanies us.”

Selected, the brother faced homophobia at Globo’s reality show. Supported by the public, he ended up champion. The first and only openly homosexual to win the program in 23 editions.

Today, aged 49, the former federal deputy lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he is a doctoral candidate in Political Science. Recently, he announced his intention to return to Brazil by the end of July. He intends to collaborate with President Lula’s government.

Jean Wyllys identified with the lyrics of 'Mutante' due to the loneliness common to many gays

Jean Wyllys identified with the lyrics of ‘Mutante’ due to the loneliness common to many gays

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