Jedi Survivor: Best early skills and most powerful late skills

Survival skills should probably be the first skill you buy on higher difficulties. It’s nothing fancy, but the instant increase in Cal’s max lifespan is an upgrade you’ll be glad to have for the rest of the game.

Improved Stim Formula/Teamwork

For your next two abilities, stay in the resistance tree and grab this powerful combo. Improved Stim Formula increases the amount of health you gain from a Stim. Teamwork reduces the time it takes for a Stim to heal you. Again, both are used for the rest of the game, so grab them early.

Collecting Tempest / Vortex Dive

I’m a big fan of the double-bladed stance, and you’ll definitely be using it a lot early in the game. So why not invest early?

Collecting Tempest allows you to quickly deal damage to a single target by holding down the attack button. It greatly improves Stance’s single target damage, making it essential. Vortex Dive lets you dive forward while spinning your blade and dealing damage. It’s useful against groups and single targets, which in turn makes it a must-have upgrade.


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