Jeff Bezos And David Guetta Both Just Paid $70 Million For Homes On Miami’s “Billionaire Bunker” Indian Creek Island

If you’re extremely rich and want to live in Miami, a very strong goal would be to live on an island. The most widely-known Miami island is probably Star Island. Over the years, Star Island has been home to celebrities such as Gloria Estefan, Diddy, Shaquille O’Neal, Rosie O’Donnell and Don Johnson. Another great option is Allison Island, which has at one time been home to the likes of Lil Wayne, Future, Pitbull and Shakira. Lil Wayne currently lives on La Gorce Island, with neighbors Billy Joel, Ricky Martin and Matt Damon. Another famous Miami Island is Palm Island, which has been home to Birdman, Nick Nolte, Barbara Walters and even Al Capone.

If you’re over-the-top rich, there’s one island that tops them all. That island is formally called Indian Creek Village, but is generally referred to as the “Billionaire Bunker.”

Each property on Indian Creek is situated waterfront with gorgeous views. The island features the notoriously exclusive Indian Creek Country Club. The golf course occupies the entire interior of the island. Visiting Indian Creek is impossible unless you have been invited and cleared by a resident. The only way onto the island is via a heavily guarded bridge. In fact, security is one of the most sought after attributes of this elite enclave. The island has its own police force that patrols 24-7 by land, boats, and jet skis.

Current Indian Creek celebrity residents include Tom Brady, Ivanka Trump + Jared Kushner and Julio Iglesias. Here’s a nice drone video of Indian Creek:

There are roughly 40 estates on Indian Creek. Indian Creek estates rarely come up for sale and undeveloped plots have sold for $50 million. There’s only one listing on the island right now and its asking price is $85 million.

Interestingly though, TWO homes on Indian Creek have sold in the last few weeks. Real estate records have just revealed that the first property sold to Jeff Bezos for $68 million. The second sold to French DJ David Guetta for $69 million.

Jeff Bezos was just revealed as the buyer of a 9,300 square foot mansion on a 3-acre lot on the island’s west coast. The 3-br, 3-ba mansion was built in 1965 and is reportedly considered A TEAR DOWN. Can you imagine paying $68 million for a tear down??!!

The home was never listed publicly so there are no images or videos available of Bezos’ new tear down.

David Guetta’s mansion is located straight across the island diagonally to the north-east tip. David is paying $69 million for a spec-built 15,000 square foot mansion on 1.2 acres. The property’s developers bought the former estate in July 2021 for $23.75 million. The sellers at that point booked a solid $20 million profit over the price they paid back in 1993. And assuming the current developers spent at least $20 million building the current structure, they are also looking to book a roughly $20 million profit.

This is what David Guetta’s mansion looked like 2021 when it was listed for sale:


We can all understand how Jeff Bezos, the second-richest person in the world, can afford a $70 million mansion. But how does a French DJ afford a $70 million mansion?!?

Well, it helps to have sold 50 million records worldwide. It helps to have more than 14 billion music streams to date. He is reportedly Spotify’s most-streamed DJ/producer. And it really, really helps when you sell your music recordings for $100 million. Note, that sale was for his physical music recordings, NOT his catalog royalty rights.

Congrats to Jeff and David! Or as David might put it, shout out to your families:

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