Jen Selter In Bikini Put On A Cheeky Display Napping Under A Rainbow

Model Jen Selter knows that after a storm comes a rainbow, which is why she grabbed her thong bikini and headed outside for a nap!

The 29-year-old fitness trainer has shared videos of her napping in a thong bikini before, but this might be the first time that she took a nap in a thong bikini underneath a rainbow!

Jen Selter Flaunts Her Sunned Buns Napping In A Thong Bikini Under A Rainbow

Jen trains hard and travels a lot, so it’s understandable that she needs a nap every now and then to recharge. In one of her latest Instagram posts, Jen took a nap on the floor. She is wearing a bright blue thong bikini that matches the bright blue circular rug that she is lying on.

She is giving fans an impressive view from her balcony. In her Instagram Stories, she had uploaded a few shots of a thunderstorm. It looks like the rain is over and fans can actually see a beautiful rainbow arcing across the sky.

Jen Selter Takes A Nap In Her Thong Bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In the caption, Jen used the quote, “Every storm has a rainbow waiting at the end.” She then added, “Guys, I was doing the dishes, and then I peeked outside and saw this beautiful rainbow (which, an hour before, I legit said to Snapchat that I felt a rainbow coming later), and boom!”

“I threw on my bikini and bolted outside to capture this time-lapse. Best one to date,” she added. “The nonstop action had me from beginning to end, in this video,” one fan commented. “Right!!” Jen replied. “The rainbow is you!!” another follower exclaimed. “Royal blue is my favorite color. I can’t really tell what color that is because the woman is so beautiful, she makes any color look good,” a third fan gushed.

Jen Selter Shares A Throwback To Cappadocia In Her Latest ‘Get Ready With Me’

In one of her latest “Get Ready With Me” Instagram videos, Jen shared a throwback from her trip to Cappadocia last month! Jen starts the video in a white bathrobe before she pulls out her white bikini. After ditching her bathrobe, she slips into a see-through skirt with a pocket and a fishnet long-sleeve crop top. She wore open-toe sandals to show off her pedicure as she stepped outside, heading out to a table to enjoy her breakfast.

In the comments, she revealed that she revealed that her matching set was from Andi Bagus. In the caption, she wrote, “Throwing it back to last month in one of my favorite places, Cappadocia! Definitely a must-add to your travel bucket list. On a side note, here are some Saturday self-care reminders.”

Jen Selter Shares A Throwback To Cappadocia
Instagram | Jen Selter

Some of her reminders included resting when your body asks for it, staying hydrated, remembering to say ‘no’ when needed, practicing mindful breathing, dedicating time to self-reflection and personal growth, being patient and kind to yourself along the journey, disconnecting from social media when you need a break, and surrounding yourself with positive vibes and uplifting energy.

“Very sexy,” one fan commented. “Such a stunning woman,” another follower wrote. “Cute outfit,” a third fan chimed in. “You are gorgeous,” another follower shared. “Sweet and cute,” another fan wrote. “Very beautiful my dear,” another follower commented as fans praised her “wonderful” video.

Gram Can’t Stop Nibbling On Jen’s Hair!

It looks like Jen Selter has reunited with her dog Gram after her long vacation! Gram missed her, but it seems like he missed her hair more!

Jen often shares videos that feature Gram chewing on her hair, and this was no exception. In this video, Gram nibbles on her hair as she stretches and naps before he’s distracted by a bird flying by.

Gram Chews On Jen Selter 's hair
Instagram | Jen Selter

“Nothing beats quality time with my furry hair-nibbling sidekick,” she wrote in the caption, before reminding her followers that she gets most of her gym fits from Alo Yoga. “Lol… barking at the bird,” one fan commented. “Yeah, you tell that bird, doggy!” another follower exclaimed. “Gorgeous and beautiful,” another fan gushed while another follower praised the “perfect view.”

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, she gave fans a “change of perspective” by performing a headstand in a tiny blue thong bikini! Fans can check out that steamy display by clicking here!

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