Jen Selter is ready for summer in her light green bikini

Model Jen Selter gives fans another look at her sun-kissed physique.

The 29-year-old fitness influencer donned a green bikini as she stretched out beside the pool to make the most of this coveted ‘golden hour’ lighting!

Jen Selter embraces her ‘Golden Hour’ glow in her lime green bikini

Jen Selter poses in a lime green bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness trainer took to Instagram to share a trio of hot snaps of her posing by the pool. She wears a lime green bikini top and matching thong that really shows off the definition of her toned abs. Her glossy pink lips are pursed for the shot, while her long brown hair cascades down her shoulders in loose waves.

Her hair is pulled to the side to reveal silver stud earrings, but it looks like Jen has shed her other jewelry, most notably her signature Guess watch, for this photoshoot. In the comments, she told her followers that she got her bikini from @thatbikini.

Jen Selter poses in a lime green bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In another shot, Jen appears to have added a gold bracelet to her left wrist as she posed for the shot, standing with her hands behind her head. Although she usually allows fans a glimpse of her suntanned buns in her photoshoots, she decided to focus on her toned abs this time.

In the caption, she decided to share some words of wisdom with her followers, writing, “Healing, moving on and being happy with no apologies required is top notch growth.” It was a caption her fans could definitely understand!

Jen Selter poses in a lime green bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In the third and final photo of her Instagram carousel, Jen posed with her arms across her chest. She smiles for the shot while looking straight at the camera from under her long lashes. Fans said in the comments that this photo was their favorite, mostly because of her gorgeous smile!

“You are the prettiest!” commented one fan. “Perfect body,” agreed another follower. “Well done Jen,” chimed in a third fan. “You, you look great! Have a nice weekend,” commented another follower. “You are the most beautiful woman in the world. Beautiful and fierce,” gushed another fan, while another follower called her “so beautiful and so sexy.”

Gram nibbles on Jen’s hair while stretching in another thong bikini!

In another recent Instagram post, Jen’s dog Gram does what he normally does while she stretches out in pigeon pose: he uses her bum as a footstool to climb and nibble on her long dark hair! Though she usually wears leggings when she stretches, this time she’s wearing a cheetah-print thong bikini to match the circular rug she’s stretching on.

In the caption, Jen tagged her dog’s Instagram account and wrote, “Help yourself buddy.” One fan commented, “I identify as Gram’s paws for the day.” Another follower wrote, “That’s taut skin.” A third fan chimed in, “I want to put my paws on it too,” while another follower wrote : “Lucky dawg.”

Jen Selter stretches in a thong bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

“I’d like to be that puppy. Oh my lord,” chimed in another fan. “Spirit animal,” agreed another follower. “You really are the OG,” shared another fan. “Helped myself to some buns,” joked another follower.

“He’s getting the knots out,” teased another fan. “I would do it too!” Another fan agreed. “This is hilarious and so adorable,” added another fan, as her followers showered her post with compliments of “beautiful,” “gorgeous,” and “so cute.”

Jen Selter finds a rainbow in her tiny thong bikini

In another Instagram post, set to a remix of James Blunt’s hit You’re Beautiful, Jen shared a shot of a rainbow arching across the sky before deciding to pose in front of it, in a black one – white thong bikini.

In the caption, Jen wrote: “When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark, look for the stars.” Fans couldn’t help but rave about her steamy performance as they showered her post with red heart and fire emojis.

Jen Selter poses next to a rainbow in her thong bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

“You are so gorgeous in your picture,” one fan commented. “Sexy girl,” wrote another follower. “It’s too cloudy for rainbows in Toronto today. Enjoy your day Jen,” shared a third fan. “How beautiful you are my love,” chimed in another follower.

Interested in more content from Jen Selter? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness enthusiast visited Chicago and posed on the rooftop in a sheer dress that left little to the imagination! Fans can check out these steamy snaps by clicking here!

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