Jen Selter poses in her silver thong bikini

Model Jen Selter puts on a steamy show in her tiny silver bikini!

The 29-year-old fitness influencer shared three different photos and a video in which she flaunted her fit physique and shared some inspirational words of wisdom with her followers!

Jen Selter shows off her suntanned buns in a silver thong bikini

Jen Selter poses in a silver bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness model put on a steamy show as she struck her signature pose in a tiny thong bikini. The silver fabric pops against Jen’s sun-kissed skin as she stands with one leg bent in front of her, showing off her defined leg muscles.

Standing barefoot by the water, she poses with one arm straight at her side and the other bent behind her head. Jen looks back at the camera over one shoulder while her long brown hair falls in loose waves around her shoulders.

Jen shares a one-second clip of her bikini pose

In addition to the photo, Jen also shared a short clip of her brushing her long dark hair away from her face. Fans were smitten with what they dubbed her “shimmering mermaid bikini,” which was filled with tiny colorful floral lace sewn into the top and bottom of the bikini.

Jen’s toned abs are shown off in this shot as she tugs at a long strand of brown hair. Jen also wore her signature Guess watch with a gold band around her wrist, but appeared to forego any other jewelry for this steamy photoshoot.

Fans agree: Jen Selter has abs that most only dream of!

Jen Selter poses in a silver bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In another shot, Jen continues to hold her long dark hair out of her face while smiling for the camera. Her one hand hangs by her side as she bends her leg at an angle in front of her, flaunting the pedicure on her bare feet. The definition in her bikini body is clearly evident… a result of all the hard work Jen puts in during her workout!

In the caption, Jen left some motivational words for her followers:


• Maintain a positive attitude.
• Allow yourself healing time.
• You cannot change the past.
• Don’t compare your trip
• Do what makes you happy
• Slow it down”

Fans love Jen’s bikini snaps… and their positive captions!

Jen Selter poses in a silver bikini
Instagram | Jen Selter

In the final photo of her Instagram carousel, Jen gave her fans another look at her toned abs while her followers gushed over her hot snaps. “Always love your memories and little comments on your photos,” one fan commented. “Perfection,” wrote another follower. “Beautiful,” gushed a third fan.

“Dream body,” commented another follower. “Amazing form,” chipped in another fan. “You look amazing,” wrote another follower, as fans showered her post with compliments of “sexy,” “gorgeous,” and “beautiful.”

Jen Selter napping on her stomach with her pooch Gram!

In another Instagram post, Jen shared a six-second time-lapse video of her napping on her stomach while wearing a light blue sports bra and matching leggings. Her pooch Gram seems to lick her hair (which he does quite often) before sitting down next to her.

Jen set the video’s melody to Nitecore’s “Heartbeat.” In the caption, she wrote: “The beauty of life is that you can always change, grow and get better. You are not defined by your past.”

Fans Have Nothing But Love For Jens ‘Bootiful’ Sentiment!

Jen Selter takes a nap on her stomach
Instagram | Jen Selter

Fan reactions to her video varied. “Bootiful sentiment,” teased one fan. “Her style is elegant,” wrote another follower. “Daydreaming,” chimed in a third fan. “Caption Queen,” wrote another follower.

However, not everyone liked Jen’s video or her positive caption. “How deep. I’ve never seen this when googling for inspirational quotes,” one troll commented. Thankfully, most of the comments were positive as fans showered her post with heart-eye and red-heart emojis.

Fans just can’t get enough of Jen Selter!

Jen Selter in a pink bikini
Instagram Stories | Jen Selter

On her Instagram Stories, Jen shared a video of her posing on the balcony overlooking the calm ocean in front of her. Her pink thong bikini is barely visible in the dim light as she offers fans a relaxing view of the sunrise.

Interested in more content from Jen Selter? In another recent Instagram post, the popular fitness enthusiast hit the beach in her tiny bikini! Fans can check out these steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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