Jenna Ortega, from Wandinha, vents about the weight of fame: ‘people take advantage’

The 20-year-old actress broke down in tears when talking about it in a recent interview.

Featured in the series Wandinhafrom NetFlix, the American actress Jenna Ortega said in an interview with the website Variety who feels the weight of fame. Chatting with the actress Elle FanningJenna, currently 20 years old, said she feels pressured, especially because of her relationship with fans and haters on social media.

Jenna Ortega said the iconic dance scene was originally going to be a flash mob.

Jenna Ortega said the iconic dance scene was originally going to be a flash mob.

Photo: Netflix/Disclosure / Estadão

“After Wandinha, I was really scared and nervous to share or even say anything there, even to be myself. I’m naturally more dry and sarcastic, which can get me in trouble. I want people to know who I am behind the camera, and realize that no one should be put on a pedestal,” said the actress.

Jenna cried when talking about how she feels under this pressure. ” And the more I’m exposed to the world, people take advantage of that and take advantage. They realize your vulnerability and distort it in a way that you don’t always expect. (Jenna cries). It’s so weird. Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that (to cry)”.

Jenna also complained about how the producers and those responsible for the casting of films and series evaluate the actors from the point of view of engagement and followers on social networks.

“When I was younger, they’d take us to media training — Disney 101 or something — where they’d say, ‘You’re going to post three times a day. This is how you build a following, engage, promote our show.’ You could go to an audition or a meeting, and you’d be told, ‘How many followers do you have?’

Elle Fanning then commented that she once lost a character for not having enough followers. “They say, ‘You were great, but your numbers…’

Cigarette scare and screenwriter complaint

Recently, a video of Jenna Ortega smoking at a party went viral on the internet. It didn’t take long for the subject to become one of the most commented on social media. Fans of the actress were scared by the scene.

Most of the comments were along these lines: “Wandinha already smokes at this age”. “I don’t identify anymore”. “I was sorely disappointed.”

In March 2023, another episode involving Jenna caused controversy. The actress made a negative statement about the series Wandinha, of which it is the star. She stated that she was tired of doing work for television and that she had to change some scenes from the series to feel more comfortable acting.

“There were moments on that set [de Wandinha] in which I became almost unprofessional and, in a way, I started to change my speech. The script supervisor thought I was doing something, and then I would have to sit down with the writers and they would say, ‘Wait, what happened to the scene?’ And I explained why I couldn’t do certain things,” said the actress.

the producer Steven DeKnightin Wandinha, countered the actress’ speech. “She’s young, so maybe she doesn’t know, but she should. She also has to ask herself how she would feel if the showrunners (writers) did an interview and talked about how difficult she was and refused to perform the material. […] I love her work, but life is too short to deal with people like that in the market.”

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