Jeremy Paxman Illness: Does He Have Parkinson Disease?

Jeremy Paxman Illness

In a new ITV documentary titled Paxman: Putting Up With Parkinson’s, it has been disclosed by Jeremy Paxman that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after he fell on the icy ground while taking his dog for a walk. The incident resulted in him injuring his face and being assisted to a bench by someone. Paxman, now 72 years old, revealed this information in the documentary.

According to Jeremy Paxman, a doctor diagnosed him with Parkinson’s disease after observing that he was presenting University Challenge with less energy than usual. The veteran broadcaster revealed that the diagnosis was made when he was in the hospital after collapsing while walking his dog.

During the diagnosis, one of the doctors noticed that Paxman’s face had a “Parkinson’s mask.” The 72-year-old broadcaster stated that he was completely caught off guard by the diagnosis, which came as he was walking his dog on a snowy day in a nearby square while the dog was on a leash.

Is Jeremy Paxman Ill?

It has been disclosed by Jeremy Paxman that his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease was prompted by a change in his appearance while presenting on television, as observed by his doctor.  Jeremy Paxman received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease after he collapsed while walking his dog, and while in the hospital, his doctor noticed that he appeared less energetic than usual.

Parkinson’s disease affects approximately 150,000 individuals in the UK, and it is characterized by the gradual deterioration of certain areas of the brain over time. The three primary symptoms of the condition are tremors or uncontrollable shaking of certain body parts, sluggish movements, and rigid and unyielding muscles.

Does Jeremy Paxman have Parkinson Disease?

In the discussion of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Jeremy Paxman mentioned that it came as a complete surprise to him. He recalled that he was walking in a nearby square with his dog on a leash when he received the news, and the ground was icy at the time.

Jeremy Paxman has recently shared his experience of living with Parkinson’s disease in a new 60-minute television documentary titled Paxman: Putting Up With Parkinson’s. The program features the broadcaster’s characteristic honesty and directness as he discusses his journey with the condition and meets with individuals including Sharon Osborne, Joy Milne, and Jane Asher, who have been affected by it in various ways.

Paxman also talks to Professor Steve Gentleman, who oversees the Parkinson’s UK Brain Bank at Imperial College London. In the documentary, he recalls how he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 18 months ago after collapsing and injuring his face, and how a doctor who had watched him on University Challenge recognized the “Parkinson’s mask” on his face. Paxman had not been aware of any changes in his appearance.

Who is Jeremy Paxman?

Jeremy Paxman is an English broadcaster, journalist, author, and television presenter, born on May 11, 1950, in Leeds. He attended Malvern College and St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, where he was the editor of the undergraduate newspaper Varsity. While at Cambridge, he identified as a socialist and was a member of a Labour Party club, but later described himself as a one-nation conservative.

Paxman began his career with the BBC in 1972 at BBC Radio Brighton, later relocating to London in 1977. He worked on various programs, including Tonight and Panorama, before becoming a newsreader for the BBC Six O’Clock News and eventually joining Breakfast Time as a presenter.

In 1989, Paxman began presenting the BBC Two program Newsnight, where he gained a reputation for his direct and assertive interview style, particularly when interviewing politicians. While his approach was sometimes criticized as aggressive and condescending, it was also celebrated as tough and insightful.

After 25 years as the host of Newsnight, Paxman left the show in 2014. He has since occasionally worked for Channel 4 News. Paxman has been the presenter of University Challenge and its Christmas spin-off since the show’s revival in 1994 until his recent announcement in 2022 that he would be stepping down due to a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Jeremy Paxman Speech

Jeremy Paxman, the veteran broadcaster and former Newsnight presenter, has disclosed that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease after a doctor noticed his “Parkinson’s mask” while watching University Challenge. The diagnosis came after he collapsed while walking his dog and was taken to hospital. In an interview, Paxman stated that he had no idea he had the condition and was not as “exuberant” as he normally was.

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic, progressive condition that causes damage to parts of the brain over time. It is characterized by three main symptoms: tremors, slow movement, and stiff muscles. In August, Paxman announced that he would be stepping down from hosting University Challenge after 29 years, citing concerns that viewers would notice something “unusual” about him.

Jeremy Paxman Health

Jeremy Paxman had to visit A&E three times within 24 hours due to various health concerns. In an article for Saga Magazine, the 72-year-old former Newsnight presenter revealed that he was familiar with the workers at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital after being admitted there for evaluation when he experienced chest pain.

Paxman noted that he had to take a taxi to the hospital due to a 24-hour ambulance strike. Later, his partner also suffered an injury and had to be taken to A&E at midnight. Jeremy Paxman fell and injured himself, causing cuts and bruises on his face, before being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease by a doctor who noticed a lack of facial expression, or what is known as the “Parkinson’s mask”.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that can cause tremors, slow movement, and stiffness in the muscles. After 29 years, Paxman announced his decision to step down as the host of University Challenge because he didn’t want to let his condition interfere with the show. The documentary “Paxman: Putting Up With Parkinson’s” will air on ITV on October 4th.

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