Jeremy Renner cries in the first interview after the accident: “I chose to survive”

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Jeremy Renner gave his first interview after the serious accident that almost took his life. The report is part of the special “Jeremy Renner, The Diane Sawyer Interview: A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph”, which will be shown next week by the American news channel ABC News, but a preview has already been aired on Wednesday night. (29/3).

In a conversation with journalist Diane Sawyer, the Marvel star gave an emotional account of the moment he was run over by an ice machine in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in the United States.

At the time, the actor was helping his nephew to get the car out of the snow, with the help of a snowcat (an ice cleaning vehicle). When he got out of the vehicle to talk to his nephew, the machine started to descend towards him. He then would have tried to get back into the driver’s seat, but ended up being crushed by the weight of the machine.

The actor revealed that he had 8 broken ribs in 14 places. Broken right knee and ankle, broken left tibia, broken left ankle, broken right collarbone, broken right shoulder. Face, eye socket, broken jaw. Lung collapsed. And, to top it off, the rib bone pierced his liver.

During the interview, Renner, casually dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, says he remembers the pain of the accident in detail: “I was awake the whole time.” He breaks down in tears when Sawyer mentions that he told the family “I’m sorry” in sign language while in the hospital.

Renner’s nephew also cries when talking about the accident. “I just ran up to him,” says Fries through tears. “I didn’t think he was alive.”

Then the actor spoke about his determination to live. “I chose to survive, it won’t kill me.”

When asked if he has plans to go back to doing stunts in the action roles he’s known for, Renner says he’s “not counting on it”: “I lost a lot of flesh and blood on this experience,” he says. “But I was replenished with love and titanium.”

Recently, the star shared a record of his recovery in a video in which he appears walking after months in the hospital.

Despite almost losing his life in the accident, the artist guarantees that he does not regret what he did: “I would do it all over again, because the machine was going towards my nephew”.

Jeremy Renner is world-renowned for bringing Marvel’s Hawkeye to life and for acting in the “The Avengers” movie franchise. He began to become better known when he starred in the film “The War on Terror”, a drama by director Kathryn Bigelow, which earned him his first Oscar nomination in 2010. He returned to compete for the statuette a year later, this time, as a supporting actor for movie “Dangerous Attraction”.

“Jeremy Renner, The Diane Sawyer Interview: A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph” airs April 6 at 10 pm on ABC News. See excerpts from the interview in the commercial shown by the network.

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