Jessie J teases her newborn son’s physical features days after birth

Jessie J wastes no time basking in the joys of motherhood and doting on her little one at every opportunity.

The new mom, who once suffered a miscarriage, has been in seventh heaven since the beginning of her pregnancy and proudly announced the birth of her first child on Friday, May 19.

About ten days after the birth, she tells the world about her baby’s physical characteristics, but keeps it a secret.

Jessie J points out the impressive physical features of her newborn son

The English songwriter has some exciting news about her newborn, which she shared on her Instagram Story, revealing the little one had already outgrown his clothes.

Jessie J gives sweet update on newborn son

She shared a photo consisting of several onesies laid flat on top of each other, including a red and white one with a heart pattern and a black and white part. Jessie then included a note noting that her child was growing rapidly and needed new clothes less than ten days after birth.

“Not even ten days old and I’m already clearing out my closet,” she wrote. “My boy got out for a LONG time. I LOVE these @fredandnoah.”

The 34-year-old added that while her son was growing, his limbs were developing faster and he chose the day not to fit into any of his clothes. “His arms, legs and feet said NOT TODAY mom. Give me daddy’s shoes – I’m going for a walk,” she jokingly concluded.

Fans may recall The Voice UK judging it over the weekend shared the fantastic news of her son’s safe delivery a week after giving birth. She wrote in an Instagram Story statement:

“A week ago my whole life changed. My son was born and my heart doubled. The feeling is indescribable. I fly in love.”

She added a few more endearing words for the tot, calling him “magical” and “all my dreams come true.” The “Nobody’s Perfect” singer continued, “He’s my whole.” [world]. He and I are both doing great. I’m drinking in every second and still can’t believe he’s real, here and with me. I am so grateful. Phew.”

She then paid tribute to everyone who has supported, loved and supported her throughout her pregnancy. Jessie first revealed her pregnancy to her followers with a heartwarming clip in January, expressing her joy and fear to “finally” break the news.

Jessie J announces the birth of her first baby after a previous miscarriage: 'My whole life has changed'
Instagram | Jessie J

She begged social media users to “please be gentle with her,” before writing, “Honestly your girl just wants to cry ugly in a catsuit in public and eat a chocolate covered pickle, no questions asked deliver.”

Alongside the sweet news, she uploaded a video montage of her positive pregnancy test, pictures showing her baby bump and a video of her ultrasound appointment. In no time, she received so much support from many people around the world, including celebrity moms like Kehlani and Gabrielle Union who congratulated her.

In Kehlani’s words, “All that patience, you did it,” while Union exclaimed, “Yessssssss!!!! I’m so happy for youuuuuuu!” Also featured in the comments section was a note from pop icon Katy Perry, which read, “So happy for you and sending you all the love mum.”

The “Do It Like a Dude” singer revealed that her baby daddy read prepared for fatherhood

Days before giving birth to a feisty little boy, Jessie revealed how her baby daddy, Chanan Safir Colman, was preparing for fatherhood.

As the blast She reportedly posted a picture of a book guide that Colman appeared to have read, titled “THE EXPECTANT DAD SURVIVAL GUIDE.” EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW.”

Jessie J at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, United Kingdom on February 27, 2023.

Reading details and guidelines on paternity wasn’t the only way he expressed his support for his partner, he was also filmed lending a hand himself in a subsequent story post.

As can be seen in the photo, he loosened the muscles of his child’s mother by giving her a soothing massage. Jessie’s enhanced midsection was seen as she wore a cropped white sports bra and Nike socks.

Additionally, viewers were no doubt drawn to the huge tattoo on her midsection as she lay sideways on a bed with a pillow between her legs.

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