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Article—First-letter-highlighted”>Felm NFL star JJ Watt revealed Sunday he attended a Taylor Swift concert at State Farm Stadium over The weekend and was left speechless by The 12-time grammys winner’s ability to carry out a three-hour-and-15-minute-long show without breaks.

Watt, 33, recently retired from The league after over a decade of playing at The highest level and he’s spending His newfound free time doing things he loves, including becoming a “Swiftie.”

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“It was 44 songs,’ Watt said. “Three hours and 15 minutes long. And she did Not stop The whole time. There was no intervention. There was No halftime. There were No TV timeouts. The longest break she took was maybe three minutes for a costume change.

“She was singing, dancing, entertaining The entire time; 70,000 people hanging on every single word and move she was making for three hours and 15 minutes and she crushed it. She didn’t even look tired. I was tired and I was just sitting there.”

Watt was drafted by The Houston Texas In 2011 before joining The arizona cardinals In 2021. He attended Swift’s show at The stadium where he would play His NFL home games last season.

JJ Watt impressed by Taylor Swift’s stamina

“If she can do this entire tour without missing a single show, it will be unbelievably impressive,” Watt said. “Just The sheer mental, physical, emotional toll that this Has to take on your body. To be able to go out there and do that night after night after night, city after city after city – three hours and fifteen minutes? Unbelievable.”

The future Hall of Famer was Not ashamed to admit that he Is now living The “Swiftie Life” and that he purchased an “Eras Tour“hoodie.

Tickets to Swift’s tour are In high-demand and will likely cost fans a pretty penny, but Watt vows for The show, Which he insists gives attendees their money’s worth.

The 44 songs performed by Swift were from every one of her 10 studio albums recorded throughout her 17-year career.

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