Joanne Witt Murder, Who Killed Joanne Witt? Where is Tylar Witt and Steven Colver Today? Is Tylar Witt Released?

Joanne Witt Murder 

In a tragic incident, Joanne Witt, a single mother living in California, was killed in June 2009. Her daughter, Tylar, and Tylar’s boyfriend, Steven “Boston” Colver, were involved in her murder. The relationship between Joanne and Tylar was strained, and it worsened when Tylar, who was only 14, started dating Colver, who was 19. Joanne tried to stop their relationship, even considering legal action against Colver for dating her underage daughter.

One night, Tylar and Colver decided to run away together, but they didn’t want Joanne to interfere. So, they killed her. They were arrested later, faced trial, and received different sentences. Tylar pled guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to prison, while Colver was convicted of first-degree murder and received a life sentence. Tylar was granted parole in 2022, but Colver remains incarcerated as of 2023.

Who Killed Joanne Witt?

Joanne Witt  was found dead in her California home in 2009, stabbed multiple times. Joanne lived with her daughter, Tylar Witt, who was 14 years old at the time, and Tylar’s boyfriend, Steven Colver, who was 19. The police couldn’t find Tylar and Steven when they discovered Joanne’s body. The investigation revealed that Joanne had reported Colver for a crime.

This means she believed he had an inappropriate relationship with her daughter, Tylar, who was underage. As the case unfolded, it became known that Tylar and Steven were deeply involved in drugs. Joanne wanted to protect her daughter from Steven, but the young couple’s intense love for each other made it difficult for them to separate. Eventually, Tylar and Steven ran away, and they were arrested a few days later. However, they each blamed the other for Joanne’s death, leaving investigators with a complex and heartbreaking mystery to solve.


Where is Tylar Witt and Steven Colver Today? 

As of today, Tylar Witt is no longer behind bars. She was granted parole on August 26, 2022. This decision came after she had served a portion of her sentence for her involvement in the murder of her mother, Joanne Witt, back in 2009. Tylar’s case garnered significant attention due to her age at the time of the crime, as she was just 14 years old when her mother was killed.

After years of legal proceedings and rehabilitation efforts, authorities deemed that she had met the criteria for parole, and she was released from custody. On the other hand, Steven Colver, who was also involved in Joanne Witt’s murder, remains incarcerated. As of August 2023, he is serving his sentence at the California Health Care Facility in Stockton, California.

Colver’s conviction for first-degree murder led to a life sentence without the possibility of parole, which means he will continue to serve his sentence for the foreseeable future. The case surrounding Joanne Witt’s tragic murder has left a lasting impact, raising questions about the involvement and culpability of young individuals in serious crimes and the complexities of the justice system in handling such cases.

Is Tylar Witt Released?

Yes, Tylar Witt has been released from prison. She was granted parole on August 26, 2022, after serving a portion of her sentence for her role in the murder of her mother, Joanne Witt, which took place in 2009 when Tylar was only 14 years old. This decision was made based on various factors, including Tylar’s conduct during her time in prison and her eligibility for parole under California’s laws.

Tylar’s release has sparked discussions about her rehabilitation and whether she can successfully reintegrate into society after her involvement in a serious crime at a young age. Her case has raised questions about the justice system’s approach to juvenile offenders and the complexities of sentencing and parole for individuals who committed crimes as minors.

Who was Joanne Witt?

Joanne Witt was a 47-year-old woman who lived in El Dorado Hills, California. She was a single mother and worked as an engineer for El Dorado County. Joanne had a daughter named Tylar Marie Witt, who was 14 years old at the time of the tragic incident. Joanne’s life was marked by the challenging relationship she had with her daughter, Tylar.

They often had conflicts, and Joanne had even lost custody of Tylar for a period when Tylar was just five years old due to a physical altercation. Despite their difficulties, Joanne was a dedicated mother who cared deeply for her daughter’s well-being. Her life took a tragic turn when she became entangled in the tumultuous relationship between Tylar and her older boyfriend, Steven Colver, also known as “Boston.” Joanne opposed this relationship as it had t and was concerned for her daughter’s safety. Her efforts to protect Tylar from the relationship ultimately led to a chain of events that culminated in her untimely death.

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