Johnny Depp reveals where he’s been spending his time since the conclusion of his legal battle with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp hasn’t been seen much in Hollywood since concluding his legal battle with ex belongs to amber last year. That’s because he settles on the other side of the pond.

The 59-year-old actor revealed he’s been spending a lot of time in Somerset, England, in recent months.

In a new interview, he spoke about the quieter life he leads and what it’s like in the country.

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Speak with Somerset life, johnny stated that he has a home in Somerset.

“I love places with character. I have different houses in different places and they all mean something special to me. I don’t just have them to say they’re mine, I have them to use and because they’re special,” he said of his various homes.

The actor hinted that he likes the English countryside where he has a bit more privacy from both fans and the paparazzi.

“I can go to shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies. I don’t mind that up to a point, but sometimes it gets a bit crowded,” he said, adding, “The British are cool and greet you like you’re a neighbor without overdoing it.”

johnny hinted that a big part of the draw was that Somerset suited his personality.

“I like going places, seeing things and meeting people, but I’m not the big extrovert that people think,” he explained. “I’m an actor and I try to give people what they expect, but the truth is I’m quite a shy person and I like to wander around and just enjoy being. That’s one of the great things about Britain, and about Somerset in particular. I can just be me – and that’s nice.”

Have you heard about the star’s new creative endeavor? Spoiler alert: it’s not a new film reel!

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