Jon Favreau says ‘Skeleton Crew’ needs to ‘feel like Star Wars’

executive producer Jon Favreau knows how important the “Star Wars” feeling is to the new Disney+ series “Skeleton Crew”.

Although little is known about the show so far, the story follows four children as they try to navigate a galaxy far, far away. In footage shown during Star Wars Celebration 2023, Jew law appears and appears to be playing a Jedi in the new series.

Footage has yet to go online, but fans are still excited to see what this new series will bring to the Star Wars franchise.

Jon Favreau Reflects on ‘Different Tones’ in ‘Skeleton Crew’

Skeleton Crew was created by Spider-Man: Homecoming filmmakers Jon Watts and Christopher Ford; However, Jon Favreau and David Filoni continue to serve as executive producers on the show to ensure the show fits within the rules of the current Star Wars timeline.

The show takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi and is set in the same time frame as The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, and Ahsoka, which will reportedly premiere on Disney+ in August 2023 the characters will all meet in Dave Filoni’s feature film announced at Star Wars Celebration, possibly along with some of the characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels.

Since the show will feature four children, Entertainment Weekly asked Jon Favreau if that means there will be a postponement of “Skeleton Crew” during a recent appearance on their Dagobah Dispatch podcast.

Jon Favreau at the premiere of Disney+ "The Mandalorian" - Arrival

“One of the things that we really like about the shows that we’ve worked on is that the tone of each episode — and in certain cases each series — really reflects the filmmaker’s storyteller,” Favreau explained, reflecting how The Mandalorian can have “many different tones” as each director brings something different to the table.

“Even though the writing is consistent across them, different filmmakers will bring different perspectives,” he continued. “And so hopefully every episode feels different, even though they’re supposed to be sitting next to each other.”

“I would go even further with Skeleton Crew because it’s Watts and Ford and a whole bunch of wonderful directors – some have worked with us before, some not. And so each episode has its own feel,” he added.

The directing line-up for “Skeleton Crew” consists of Oscar-winning directors!

Statement by Daniel Kwan about working on Skeleton Crew
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The directing cast for “Skeleton Crew” has already been announced. New Oscar winners The Daniels – consisting of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert – have confirmed that they will be directing an episode of the new series. In addition, Bryce Dallas Howard, Lee Isaac Chung, David Lowery and Jake Schreier will direct episodes of the new series.

However, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy also works to shape the tone of the franchise. Kennedy is also one of the founders of Amblin Entertainment. “When Kathy Kennedy is running Lucasfilm, when John Watts and Chris Ford come in and talk about wanting to do something that feels like an Amblin film and has that tone, it’s like you’re talking directly to the person who was there and the elf knows herbs and spices that are in it,” Favreau explained. “So it’s interesting to hear how they pitch it and how she reacts to that.”

Kathleen Kennedy at the premiere of Disney+ "The Mandalorian" - Arrival

Though he admitted that Skeleton Crew still “must feel like Star Wars” while focusing on a group of kids, he noted that “when people think of Star Wars as a genre, it’s really a series of Subgenres within the Star Wars genre are. Because that was [George Lucas’] Influences, so it might feel like a western, it might feel like a WWII movie, it might feel like a samurai movie. And that’s how you could cross borders.”

He pointed to The Clone Wars as a way to play around with different genres and tones while retaining the “Star Wars” feel. “So that’s what’s on our minds and why I’m continuing my collaboration here because it’s never like you’re just doing one thing,” Favreau said. “There is always space”

Dave Filoni at the Los Angeles premiere of Disney+'s The Mandalorian

However, he admitted that “Skeleton Crew” probably won’t have the same feel as “The Mandalorian”. That being said, “As long as you stick to a certain aesthetic and we can all agree that it feels like Star Wars, there’s a lot of room for how you can move,” he said.

He also said it’s interesting to be in the room at Star Wars Celebration and see footage from all the different shows coming together at once. He remarked on how “they are all different” but felt that “they all sit together”. Favreau added, “You would never group them together, but thanks to the world George created, they all feel like they share a common underlying aesthetic.”

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