Journalists make mistakes like any other professionals – 04/28/2023

Let’s face the obvious: we journalists have been wrong for decades to forget the case of Bern.

An error as serious as the famous Escola Base case.

Or Lava Jato.

About Bern, there were those who, for years, tried to make the one who became the main protagonist apologize. In vain!

About Escola Base, a recent documentary made due self-criticism.

And about Lava Jato, Vaza Jato exemplarily tried to exonerate those who had to be acquitted and blame the vigilantes.

In the strictly sporting area, there were other collective mistakes to embarrass us, such as, for example, none of us realizing that Ronaldo Fenômeno was not on the bus that took the Brazilian team to the final game of the Cup in France.

Colossal mistake, ball between the legs, although without harming anyone, only ourselves, unlike the other three, who harmed the raped girl, the school’s owners and many of those who were arrested by the executioners of Curitiba and region.

Journalists make mistakes even when they are right, when they listen to the right sources, get the right information and it doesn’t materialize. Holes become bellies, as the trade jargon says.

The biggest problem is not the error.

It’s the insistence on it, it’s not correcting it, it’s not learning from it.

Everything obvious.

And the obvious also needs to be said.

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