Juliette reveals new songs and details of the first album

July 23
– 23:38

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Singer Juliette, champion of “BBB 21”, presented new music on the program “Fantástico”, aired on Sunday (23/7), and took the opportunity to share details about her first musical album. The album, entitled “Ciclone”, is scheduled for release on August 17th and promises to bring a little of the artist’s personality and trajectory in each track.

Juliette said the album is a celebration of her multiple sides, with each song bringing a little piece of herself. “This record I want to celebrate my other sides. All facets in different rhythms, sound, lyrics. Each song will bring a little piece of me and end up inaugurating a new phase, like a cyclone that passes by sweeping everything and builds again. Yeah, and that’s the name of the album: cyclone”, he told in the Globo network program.

“I’m still in the eye of the hurricane, but this time I’m in charge. Before, everything was very fast, and I felt a lot of fear and lack of experience. Can you imagine your life changing completely in 3 months? Before, I just wanted to find firm ground. Today, I’m occupying the place where I am. It’s not easy, but I’m trying”, he added.

partnership tracks

“Ciclone” will feature ten tracks, including the already released “Tengo” and the recently revealed “Sai da Frente”. The album will also feature collaborations with Marina Sena, the singer and composer from Maranhão Nairo, who has worked with Anitta and Claudia Leitte, the singer from Pernambuco João Gomes and an artist not yet revealed.

Juliette reinforced her desire to show a more versatile and multiple musical side, just like herself, and also mentioned that the last track of the album is still being produced and will be kept secret until its release.

The list of tracks revealed is as follows, in order of audition: “Sai da Frente”, “Tengo”, “Quase Não Namoro” (with Marina Senna), “Ciclone”, “Nós Dois Afterwards” (with an artist not yet revealed), “Não Sou de Falar de Amor” (with João Gomes), “Beija Eu” (with Nairo), “Ninguém”, “Diamante” and one more, the last one still untitled, which is still in production.

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