July 28th – 30th with rap star Sido – Stuttgart Journal

Hip Hop Open: July 28th – 30th with rap star Sido – Stuttgart Journal

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The organizers “0711 Entertainment” and “Four Artists” have changed some of the concept

The premiere was in 2000, and in 2015 the concert series was officially declared over. Now comes the comeback…

By Alexander Kappen

Stuttgart. The aim of the Hip Hop Open is to promote regional up-and-coming rappers – to create networks for newcomers. On the stage in front of 13,000 fans (2015) many “freshmen” otherwise cannot perform. The organizers have now changed some of the concept:

A third of the acts are female, the rate was not that high in 2015. Also important to the organizers is the end of patriarchal behavior and demarcation from other styles of music. Willingness to experiment is the order of the day. The fusion with techno, for example, is important to the artist “Ski Aggu”.

No more dogmas. A hip hop beat used to have to be between 90 and 100 beats per minute. Now there are freedoms.

The young generation is now talking more about things like their own drug addiction. In this way, socially critical topics can still be addressed, as hip hop originally wanted. Hip Hop Open 2023 | Hip Hop Open 2023

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