“Just blatant”: scandal after Towers bankruptcy – fan insulted Meisner

The concern that the Veolia Towers Hamburg would lose their tension due to the fact that they were already in the league was definitely unfounded. The Towers showed a courageous performance against Chemnitz, who are still fighting for a place in the playoffs, but still had to admit defeat with 80:87 (21:25, 50:42, 67:60). After the final whistle, the hosts’ fans made for an unworthy conclusion, which made Lukas Meisner very angry.

The vice-captain of the Towers was about to explain at the microphone of “MagentaSport” why the Towers ran out of air in the final minutes when a Chemnitz fan is said to have insulted him. “If the fans from Chemnitz insult you all the time, then congratulations to you,” said the 27-year-old, who found the verbal lapses of a man “just blatant”. Visibly upset, Meisner broke off the interview a little later: “Then we can leave the bang.”

Towers lose 80:87 – Meisner angry at Chemnitz fan

It was an undignified end to a gripping evening of basketball. Because the game, which was meaningless for the towers, had a lot to offer in terms of sport: Hamburg were in the lead for almost the entire second half, but in the final minutes the Saxons hit back one last time. A minute before the final siren, Aher Uguak put his colors ahead for the first time in the second half with a three pointer. Then his teammates put the lid on it.


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The fact that the guests kept up for so long was due to an unusual strength. The Hamburgers, one of the worst shooting teams in the league, were red hot from a distance in the first half. In the course of the game, Hamburg cooled down a bit, but eleven of 25 three-pointers found their way through the trap – in the win against Crailsheim (77:66) last weekend they only hit three distance shots in the entire game. Thanks to their hot hands, Hamburg recovered from a false start and an early double-digit deficit. A 21:4 run before the end of the first half gave the Towers their first clear lead.

With a 14:2 run, the home side reported back quickly after the restart. This is how an exciting second half developed, which culminated in the dramatic final minutes. In the towers, who lost far too many balls (18), Yoeli Childs became the top scorer with 17 points.

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On the last day of the game, the Towers meet Braunschweig (May 7, 3 p.m.), where they want to end their disappointing season with a win.

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