Justice blocks PT accounts in São Paulo – 05/26/2023 – Rogério Gentile

The São Paulo court determined the blocking of the bank accounts of the state directory of the PT-SP due to a debt of R$ 797,000 with the law firm Alberto Rollo for services rendered in the 2014 election campaign.

Only R$41,900 were found in the accounts, amounts that should be transferred to the office in the next few days. As a result, the party still owes around R$755,000, including interest and monetary correction.

In 2014, the PT launched Alexandre Padilha, today LuIa’s Minister of Institutional Relations, to the São Paulo government and formed a coalition with the PCdoB. The election was won by Geraldo Alckmin, then in the PSDB, today Vice President of the Republic.

The Alberto Rollo office was hired by the PT-SP, during the campaign, to provide legal advice for the São Paulo PCdoB candidacies for the Chamber of Deputies and the Legislative Assembly.

“For a reason unknown to reason itself, only the first of the three installments contracted was paid,” lawyer Alexandre Luis Rollo told the court in the lawsuit filed by the firm.

PT’s state directory said in the process that it did not agree with the charge and stated that the office failed to comply with clauses established in the contract by not presenting invoices to its financial committee.
“In view of this, the agreed payment could not be processed, controlled and effected”, he said to Justice.

The party also questioned the debt update calculations presented by the office, considering that interest and correction should not be considered, since it was due to the office’s fault (by not presenting the invoices) that the payment would not have been made.

In a 2020 decision, Judge Renata de Carvalho agreed with the office. “As everything indicates, the office duly provided the services, and the mere allegation of non-issuance of invoices does not justify default”, she said.

As the PT did not make the payment after the decision, the Justice ordered the blocking of the bank accounts.

The party can no longer appeal on the merits of the process, but can still challenge the attachment.

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