Justice farce: trial against “unknowns” broken off

BAUZEN. At a court hearing in Bautzen, Saxony, climate extremists accused of resisting law enforcement officials refused to give their names. The trial was then broken off and the accused were able to go home. The indictment was not read out, and there was no verdict either.

The court calls the accused “unknown persons” and numbers them consecutively. In February they had occupied parts of the Heidebogen forest. The police cleared with a large contingent to enforce the expansion of a gravel mine near Ottendorf-Okrilla.

Trial: Arrest warrant suspended

One of the three accused did not show up at all, although an arrest warrant had been issued against him. However, the court suspended it because there was no risk of absconding. The accused “specified the address of his lawyer as a summons address and deposited a deposit of 800 euros,” court spokeswoman Gesine Tews explained to the Picture– Newspaper the decision.

The two extremists who came to the court hearing on Monday remained silent about their personal details. Now let’s try to find them. If that succeeds, the court will decide on a possible continuation of the proceedings.

Lawyer Mark Feilitzsch also refused to give his client’s name, date of birth and address, even though he knows them. A law firm search because of this “would be highly illegal,” he admits confidently. (fh)

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