Justine Bateman Says She Takes Aging Responds To Young Women Tempted To Get Botox

Justin Bateman noticed people commenting on her looks when she googled herself one day.

The 57-year-old producer and writer saw that the autocomplete after her name “looks old” when she was 42 at the time.

“I looked at the pictures they had as evidence and I couldn’t see what they were talking about.” justine called.

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justine said she considered cosmetic procedures but ultimately decided against it. “I feel like not only am I erasing all of my authority that I have now, but I like to feel like I’m a different person now than I was when I was 20,” she told 60 Minutes Australia. “I like to look in the mirror and see that evidence.”

The social image of old age had disturbed justine so much so that she wrote the book Face: One Square Foot of Skin.

“I’m sad for her. I am sad that they are not just enjoying life. I am saddened that with this idea they are distracted from the things they are supposed to be doing in life, with this consuming idea that they must fix their face before anything else can happen.” justine said of young women tempted to get botox or fillers.

justines brother Jason Bateman recently had some fun with Ben Affleck at the premiere of her film AIRwhich follows the incredible, groundbreaking partnership between a then-rookie Michael Jordan and Nike’s basketball division.

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