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The US broadcaster Fox News announced on Monday that he and presenter Tucker Carlson will be going their separate ways with immediate effect. Carlson, affectionately known to his fans as Tucker, was the figurehead of the conservative news channel for years, and his talk show garnered the highest ratings of any prime-time political television program.

The consequences of his departure for his previous employer were correspondingly drastic. The number of viewers in the now former slot of the TV star fell rapidly. The same happened to the shares of the media house Fox. From an economic standpoint, the decision to “let go” of his biggest star made about as much sense, on the face of it, as an average Joe Biden speech. However, Carlson Fox News also recently received a $787.5 million fine from voting computer manufacturer Dominion.

The reason was the reporting by America’s most popular right-wing politician Donald Trump on the last presidential election, in which he repeatedly expressed serious doubts as to whether everything went smoothly with the victory of the current office holder. However, that was precisely the form of contributions that his audience wanted to see from him and that gave the broadcaster the high ratings.

The spectators loved his clear announcements

Whoever switched on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” expected: clear language, provocative statements and questions that are not asked elsewhere. Demanding moderation from him here is a bit like asking a prizefighter to refrain from throwing right hooks in the future. Tucker Carlson knew that and didn’t back down. Otherwise he could have exchanged his Cojones for a “Camp David” polo shirt.

The moderator was also one of the harshest critics of global corona politics. This once again made him stand out from the crowd of journalists. After his alleged expulsion, Carlson released a video message in which he paints a bleak but realistic picture of the current media business. During his short break, he noticed “how incredibly stupid” and “irrelevant” most debates on television are. At the same time, the really important issues “that decide our future are not discussed at all”.

There is hope

Despite it all, the nonconformist journalist remains optimistic, assuring his followers that “if honest people tell the truth, calmly and without embarrassment,” they will become “stronger.” Meanwhile, the “liars trying to silence her would become weaker.” There are many people who would be interested in “what is true,” says Carlson, and further: There are “not many places left” where you “can still tell the truth”, but there are still enough. The media rebel concludes with the words: “As long as you can hear the words, there is hope”.

What will become of Servus TV?

In Germany, too, there has been bad news in recent days for all media consumers who are fed up with the bland pamphlet of the left-green mainstream. According to various media reports, including the Süddeutsche Zeitungthe Austrian default and the media service DWDL, the Salzburg TV station “Servus TV” is planning to stop broadcasting its subsidiary ServusTV in Germany at the end of the year.

If the rumors are true, it would be a further loss of diversity of opinion in the German-speaking press spectrum. The channel, which belongs to the Red Bull group, is one of the few opportunities for many conservative politicians, journalists and activists to be heard by a broader television audience. For non-left-wing TV viewers, ServusTV is television that you can still watch. No more and no less. Should this cease to exist, the most positive thing one could take from the situation would be that it would be a good and final reason to finally turn one’s back on the mentally dusty and sluggish old medium.

Böhmermann snapped hard

In the new media, yesterday’s media makers and victims in particular are still raging because of the impending loss of part of their political sovereignty. Also this week the “blue tick” was again several times in the Twitter trends. The fact that anyone who signs up for a subscription can now get this is very annoying for those who have so far satisfied their own profile neurosis. Now you can tell by the “hook of shame”, as Jan Böhmermann now calls it, the “assholes” and “idiots”, say those who are now demonstratively doing without it.


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One senses the disappointment and bitter despair at the loss of the certification of one’s own supposed importance and the reliable identifier for like-minded busybodies.


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Back to neutrality

Incidentally, verification by Twitter was originally only intended to protect users from fake accounts that falsely adorned themselves with prominent names. In the beginning, anyone who had a certain media reach was able to successfully apply for the “stamp of authenticity”. This included – much to the annoyance of many prominent leftists – but also people with whom they definitely didn’t want to be pigeonholed.

They soon vented their anger about this under the hashtag “Verified Hate”, with which they denounced the verification of “right-wing agitators”. The protest led to Twitter changing its corresponding allocation policy. From now on, verification was no longer just about authenticity, but above all about the correct attitude of the account holder. So Twitter is only returning a little to political neutrality, which of course is always a counter-revolutionary step backwards for socialists.

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