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Nuclear power plant, nuclear power yes please!

Monday morning 09:42 in Germany: ARD journalist Georg Restle is standing in the liquor department of his supermarket and is annoyed by the range of alcoholic beverages on offer there. The moderator’s eyes, perhaps still tired, but still attentive, had made out something unbelievable: clear spirits from the realm of darkness! Schnaps that the devil (often trivializingly referred to as a Russian by peace advocates) is said to have not only made himself but also bottled himself and exported to Germany. How much that rankled the early Restle, he immediately had to tweet to his followers on Twitter: “Stop ‘signing up’ against Russia’s war? Russian vodka is filling the shelves at @kaufland again,” tweeted the disillusioned customer.


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Kaufland explains itself promptly

The supermarket chain responded to the request of the head of the political magazine Monitor by assuring that it would remain true to its anti-Russian stance. The bottles shown would only be “remaining stocks” that one still wanted to “sell off”.

Although that makes sense, of course, since “the Russians” already have the money for it, the group said: “Nevertheless, we take your tip as an opportunity to review this procedure again.” First German television already reassure, as he announced: “According to Kaufland, the ‘Puschkin’ vodka shown in the picture comes from German production,” added Restle.

Incidentally, the said cheap vodka is not only made in Germany according to Kaufland, but also according to the Wikipedia entry for the brand. A simple look at the company’s website or the back of the bottle would have been enough to find out that the spirits manufacturer has its headquarters in Berlin.

There are many reasons for youth violence

Another topic has shaken the republic: cases of violence among children and young people. A mobile phone video from Heide in particular caused horror this week. The clip shows a group of teenage girls holding and abusing a blonde 13-year-old girl against her will. The act happened in February but has only now become public.

In addition to a lot of sympathy for the victim and anger at the perpetrators, the recordings unfortunately also triggered reactions that have now become a kind of patriotic Pavlovian reflex. The brutal gang of girls, as many users on Twitter and Co. were immediately sure, could only be a gang of migrants.

After all, such excesses of violence would not correspond to German culture. In addition, it was quickly said that the video clearly showed that the perpetrators all had dark hair and spoke the “ghetto slang” typical of young foreigners. In addition, a black boy can be seen in the background, according to the hobby law enforcement officers.

It is unclear who the perpetrators were

It is precisely this insubstantial, vulgar right-wing anti-migrant chatter, in which unfortunately high-ranking AfD politicians and right-wing conservative journalists also took part, that makes it easy for the political left to sideline even the most serious critic of current immigration policy.

The girls could be “bio-Germans” or have a migration background. The video does not allow for an accurate assessment when viewed objectively. Even the names do not clearly speak for a foreign origin. We should use the case of Heide, just like that of the murdered Luise, as an opportunity to start a debate. In any case, they are not suitable as a valid argument for or against criticism of migration. There are enough counterexamples. Puberty, parents and social environment, minority, moral neglect and group dynamics – all of this should be considered before judging with too much self-righteousness.

Many again blame bloodthirsty Hollywood films and (rap) music that glorifies violence for the supposed brutalization of young people. And that should serve as an argument for a generation that grew up better protected by state censorship and welfare than any before it. On the contrary: Perhaps it was precisely this permanent regulation of everyday life that drove young people to these acts? Laws that are being expanded by illegitimate guardians of political correctness.

Intersectionality expert explains the world to us

Meanwhile, the creators of the new values ​​are working diligently to abolish the old values. The French activist Emilia Roig has set herself the goal of abolishing marriage – and with it capitalism. She was able to explain this in detail these days in an interview with the public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR).

Marriage, says the political scientist, would “still serve the financial interests of men”. The “expert on intersectionality” believes that it is above all the state that has an interest in the continued existence of the marriage model and that “the harmful aspects of marriage are completely ignored”.

The author of these lines says: Yes! Who doesn’t know the annoying attempts of state authorities to match up citizens by letting us sit together in some official corridor for as long as possible in the hope that we can start a conversation.


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Perfidious. But from the mouth of the expert we also learn why the state does something like this. Roig: “Marriage is one of the important pillars of patriarchy. And marriage is not just a piece of paper at the registry office, but it is an entire political, economic system. The state also has an interest in our relationships.” Unfortunately, the author is probably right about the latter.

In fact, the state is now trying to interfere in every area of ​​our lives, no matter how intimate. The criticism of the Berlin-based author of contemporary works such as “Why We Matter: The End of Oppression” and “The End of Marriage. For a revolution of love” is of course not a liberal one, but a socialist one. In her opinion, the end of marriage would also mean the end of capitalism. Until then, Roig demands, men with a higher income should pay a feminism tax, with which the state could then financially support women who earn less. The new values ​​have their price at all levels.

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