Karachi, let’s get you in that Eid spirit!

KARACHI: As the last few days of Ramadan approach, there is a buzz of excitement in the air for Eid. And no one knows how to celebrate better than the people of Karachi. Here is a list of all the festivities taking place in Karachi leading up to and after Eid ul Fitar 2023!

Eat Street – 13th to 19th April

Karachi Eat Street is being held in the days leading up to Eid ul Fitar 2023 at Habitt City on Tipu Sultan Road. The week promises to be full of different activities for all age groups and is guaranteed to be lots of fun! 

Enjoy delicious food being served from iftaar all the way to sehri. Tickle your fancy with a comedy show called ‘Laughter after Iftar’ featuring Saad Haroon, Shehzad Ghias, Zainab Agha and Akbar Chaudhry to name a few!

Unwind with your kids as Eat Street is screening two kid friendly movies: Madagascar on the 15th and Stuart Little on the 17th. You can get your tickets from TicketWala!

Iftar After Hours – 15th April

We can only expect the best from events held at District19 and so we’re excited for their Iftaar Afterhours event being held on the 15th of April. Enjoy lots of food and games which include both, board games and online competitions.

That’s not all! Make sure to get a front row seat to The Khawatoons comedy show who, “have always given our people countless moments where they just cannot resist laughing.”

The Commons Eid Milan – 19th and 20th April

This two-day Eid Milan festival being held at the Andalusian Banquets is going to be full of fun, food, shopping and mehndi. 


The Commons Eid Milan festival is a one stop answer to all your leftover Eid preparations so don’t miss out and get your tickets now!

Karachi Eid Festival – 28th to 30th April

If the days leading up to Eid are too busy for you, you need not worry! The Karachi Eid Festival is taking place after Eid so that you can enjoy your weekend after a hectic month!

From an impressive list of performers which includes Kaifi Khalil, Ali Tariq, Aima Baig and Young Stunners to a wide list of food stalls and activities for the family, this Eid festival is not one to be missed!

Who said nothing exciting takes place in Karachi?

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