Karoline Lima says she doesn’t care about being shipped with Éder Militão

Karoline Lima became her own Barbie doll to enjoy the first day of micareta Fortal, in Fortaleza, Ceará. The influencer and former player Éder Militão, had an exclusive chat with this columnist from splash and talked about the relationship with the athlete.

It is worth remembering that the two – who have already had fights over their daughter’s pension – recently went viral after dancing together on little Cecília’s one-year birthday. Many people “shipped” the former couple.

I don’t mind that they ship us. Even before we were a couple we already had a really nice friendship and we related very well. This is what I want. For outsiders, it may seem like a ‘climate’, but what happened at the party was just something I always wanted, that we continued to get along.

“I wanted to be at peace with his whole family and, of course, with my daughter’s father. It’s important to have a nice environment for my daughter to grow up. Having achieved that peace and harmony is good for all of us”, he adds.

Perrengue before fame

Born in Fortaleza, Karoline has enjoyed many micaretas before becoming famous. Now a VIP guest, the influencer recalls one of the perrengues she faced when she needed to chase after an abbot.

“I didn’t have money to buy it, but I’ve always been a very communicative person and I earned it somehow. Once I got it at the last minute. I brought a pair of scissors stuck in my waist to customize, I made and buried the scissors there at the door. The micareta ran out and I went back there to get my scissors and go home. All to enjoy the pretty micareta”, she says having fun with the situation.

In the VIP area and on top of Ludmilla’s trio, Karoline enjoyed the event next to Rafaella Santos, sister of Neymar. “We’ve known each other for a while, and we’re friends. Me, Rafa, Lud and Bruna. I made a point of enjoying this event in my city with the girls and showing them a little of the history of Fortal. It’s been great.”

Single, does Karoline intend to kiss on the mouth? The influencer replies:

“Who knows, right? I’m here, it’s at the finish line!”

fortal 30 years

Fortal’s 30th anniversary celebration takes place until Sunday in Fortaleza. On the first night of the event, Ludmilla, Parangolé and Bell Marques were the highlights in the revelry corridor. To keep the avenue’s contagious adrenaline high, Claudia Leitte, Bell Marques and Nattan and Felipe Amorim led the party yesterday.

*This Splash columnist traveled to Fortal 30 years ago at the invitation of the event’s production.

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