Kate Gosselin: Where is She now and Where Does She Work?

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is a well-known American television personality who rose to fame after appearing on the reality TV show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” Kate was born on March 28, 1975, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to parents Charlene and Kenton Kreider. She is of German, Scottish, and English descent and grew up as the third of five children, with three sisters and one brother. After completing high school, Kate enrolled in a diploma program at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania, where she trained to become a registered nurse.

She was passionate about helping others and pursued a career in nursing, working as a labor and delivery nurse in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. Kate’s life changed drastically when she and her husband, Jon Gosselin, became the parents of sextuplets and twins. Their family dynamic became the subject of a reality TV show, “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” which aired from 2007 to 2009. The show documented their daily lives as they raised their large family, and it quickly gained a large following.

As the show became more popular, Kate and Jon’s marriage began to deteriorate, and they eventually divorced in 2009. Kate continued to raise her children as a single mother and went on to appear on several other reality shows, including “Dancing With the Stars” and “Celebrity Wife Swap.” Despite her success in the entertainment industry, Kate never forgot her passion for nursing. In 2021, she obtained a “multi-state” nursing license from the North Carolina Board of Nursing, allowing her to work as a nurse in Troutman, North Carolina. This was not Kate’s first foray into nursing, as she had previously worked as a labor and delivery nurse before her reality TV career. Kate’s journey from a registered nurse to a reality TV star and back to nursing is a testament to her versatility and determination. She has faced many challenges over the years but has remained dedicated to her children and her career.


Where is Kate Gosselin now?

Fans of the show may be wondering where she is now and what she’s been up to. In March 2021, Kate made a move to Troutman, North Carolina with four of her children. Alexis, Aaden, Leah, and Joel are still living with her, while her other children have moved out or gone to college. The reason for her move is unclear, but it seems that she is enjoying her new surroundings and the quiet life away from the media frenzy. Since the end of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Kate has had some ups and downs. She appeared on a few reality shows, including “Dancing With the Stars,” but never achieved the same level of success as her earlier show. She also wrote several books, including a cookbook and a memoir, and made a few public appearances.

In recent years, Kate has kept a low profile and focused on raising her children. She has spoken publicly about her struggles with co-parenting with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and the challenges of raising eight children as a single parent. It’s unclear what the future holds for Kate, but it seems that she is content with her new life in North Carolina. Her children are her top priority, and she has said that she will always put them first. Fans of the show may miss seeing Kate and her family on TV, but it’s clear that she has moved on to a new chapter in her life. She may not be in the spotlight as much as she used to be, but she is still making a positive impact on the world by being a devoted mother and a role model to her children.

Where does Kate Gosselin work now?

Interestingly, Gosselin was already working in the nursing industry before she became a reality TV star. She first became a registered nurse after completing a diploma program at the Reading Hospital and Medical Center in Reading, Pennsylvania. She went on to work as a labor and delivery nurse in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, where she met her now ex-husband Jon Gosselin at a company picnic on October 5, 1997. Gosselin’s decision to return to nursing is a significant change from her previous career as a reality TV personality. After “Jon and Kate Plus 8” ended, Gosselin continued to work in television, appearing on various shows and even hosting her own series. However, she has since decided to return to her roots in nursing. While Gosselin has not spoken publicly about her decision to return to nursing, it is clear that she is passionate about the profession. Nursing is a demanding and rewarding field, and it takes a special kind of person to excel in it. Gosselin’s experience as a labor and delivery nurse will undoubtedly serve her well in her new role at Troutman.

Kate Gosselin Children

As the star of a popular reality show, Gosselin’s family life was on display for millions of viewers. The show followed the daily lives of the family, including their struggles and triumphs. However, the show also brought with it its own set of challenges, including scrutiny from the media and the public. Gosselin’s marriage to her husband Jon was also a major storyline on the show. However, the couple eventually divorced in 2009, which led to a significant shift in the family dynamic. In the aftermath of the divorce, Gosselin became a single mother to her eight children and faced a number of challenges in raising them on her own. Despite these challenges, Gosselin has worked hard to provide for her children and ensure that they have a stable and loving home. She has also continued to work in television, appearing on various shows and hosting her own series.


In recent years, Gosselin’s children have grown up and started to make their own way in the world. Her twin daughters, Cara and Mady, have both graduated from high school and are now in college. Meanwhile, her sextuplets, Alexis, Aaden, Collin, Hannah, Joel, and Leah, are all in their mid-to-late teens and are starting to explore their own interests and passions. While the family has faced its fair share of challenges and controversies over the years, Gosselin has always maintained that her children are her top priority. She has worked hard to provide for them and ensure that they have a stable and loving home, even in the face of adversity. In many ways, Gosselin’s story is a testament to the strength and resilience of single parents everywhere. Despite the many challenges that she has faced, she has remained committed to her children and has worked tirelessly to give them the best possible life. And as her children continue to grow and thrive, it is clear that her hard work and dedication have paid off.


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