Kate Middleton ensures interiors at Adelaide Cottage are ‘bold’ but not ‘colourful’ – expert

Kate Middleton and Prince William used to live at Kensington Palace in London but now they reside at Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor estate. Francesca Hadland, a styling expert for Bridgman, shared her top tips for royal fans to style their home like the Princess of Wales.

According to Francesca, “the personal touch is key” when it comes to her “top tips for royal interior design.”

She explained: “Her Royal Highness Catherine, Princess of Wales is a supporter of photography and often uses it to share special moments with loved ones.

“Don’t be afraid to display your own family photos and treasured memorabilia.

“These can range from recent images of travels with loved ones to old photos of those who have gone but not forgotten.

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“Display them proudly by creating a gallery wall in your hallway or living room, or by placing them on shelves, sideboards and tables throughout your home.”

Kate previously caught a glimpse of Adelaide Cottage while filming home video for Addiction Awareness Week.

Royal fans could see her many family photos in the background of her living room, including many photos of her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The same video clip featured images of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ bold sofa, which was bright red and adorned with pink and white cushions.

Francesca suggests these are “statement pieces” which are a really good idea for royal fans trying to emulate Kate’s interior style.

She commented, “Find a statement piece that will serve as the focal point of your space. We suggest a bold sofa or accent chair that guides the theme of the rest of your space.

“The royal family has a penchant for rich fabrics, colors and patterns, so indulge in a little extravagance to create your own private palace.

“Think of rich purples and royal blues that have an irresistible touch of decadence.

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“Remember, bold doesn’t mean gaudy – if you’d rather keep things a little more understated, even simple cream and gray upholstery can make a statement when used in rich fabrics like chenille and velvet.”

Francesca argues that Kate and William take equal care of their gardens and the interior of their royal estate.

She explained: “We know from their photos that the Waleses spend a lot of their time being close to nature, so sprucing up your garden is a must.”

According to Francesca, other members of the royal family feel the same way. She claimed: “King Charles III. also has a special passion for nature.

“He has devoted much of his energy to transforming the gardens surrounding Highgrove House, which are now recognized as some of the most inspirational and innovative in the country.

“While your outdoor space may not be quite as palatial in size, you can still create a peaceful retreat that reflects your personal taste and priorities.

“For those who prefer a moment of silence from everyday life, create a small zen garden, rock garden or secluded place where you can sit and relax in peace.

“Or for busy families, a large patio area with roomy modular sofas offers plenty of space for entertaining.”

Contribution Source: Express

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