Katie Maloney on what Ariana Madix thinks of Schwartz

Katie Maloney admits Ariana is "extrapolated" von Schwartz' involvement in Sandoval's affair, Shades Sandoval's "Victim" Act and Raquel will say so "sick and terrible"

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Katie Maloney Expectations Ariana Madix is understandably “denigrated” by Tom Schwartz‘s decision to keep Tom Sandoval‘s affair with Rachel Leviss a secret.

During a podcast appearance on Tuesday, the Vanderpump Rules Star shared how Ariana feels about Schwartz today as she slammed Sandoval for his sacrifice, called Raquel “terrible,” and responded to Sandoval’s “dumpster fire” interview Howie Mandel.

“It was just hard for me because Ariana was so slanderous about everything,” Katie said of the interview on the episode of ” Not skinny but not fatshared by Rate my Bravo on Instagram. “Like starting with a lie right away.”

According to Katie, Sandoval lied about Ariana not being present at a wedding he and Howie attended.

“Howie is like, ‘Yeah, I saw you at the wedding.’ I didn’t see Ariana there. You just flew alone in life. You poor.’ And Sandoval was like, ‘Yeah, she didn’t want to come,'” Katie recalls.

But Ariana just didn’t want to come.

“She had the COVID. She couldn’t come to the wedding,” Katie revealed. “‘Why are you acting like she just signed off?’ She was sick. She couldn’t walk. “Why are you lying anyway?” It’s just like, ‘No, no, no. You’re not going to do that.'”

In another section of the podcast, Katie said that what was most disturbing about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair was the “interpersonal relationships involved.”

“Because it’s like the deceit and the shameful nature of the relationship with Raquel and Ariana,” she explained via Showbiz’ Cheat Sheet. “The way she just allowed Ariana to love her and be best friends with her, holding her hand across the table and allowing Ariana to tell her about her relationship with Sandoval.”

Katie said Sandoval and Raquel were “sick and awful”. [to] Just go on [Ariana’s] back” before targeting the narcissistic Sandoval for his victim antics.

“Sandoval is just so selfish and narcissistic. All he wants to do is portray himself as the victim of this story that while he didn’t get enough love and attention in his relationship, he didn’t put in the effort or effort,” she noted.

Although Sandoval has hinted that he had a loveless relationship, Katie said Ariana is doing her best to resolve any issues they had.

“She does the talking, she does the work, and he acts like he has none of it,” she said. “It’s like he was just alone in that relationship. So he had to look for it. It’s just that he went to the person right next to her.”

As for Ariana and Schwartz, Katie said on the podcast that they don’t have a good relationship.

“Of course she’s upset. She’s gross with him,” Katie shared, as noted by Us Weekly. “I think with the way [Schwartz] says he found out about the affair in January. Then you needed in this case [to tell her] … When he says he just found out … they’ve covered for each other in their crude ways over the years.”

The Vanderpump Rules The season 10 finale airs tonight, May 17th, at 9/8c on Bravo.

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