Kelly Clarkson is reportedly unaware that the ‘Kelly Clarkson Show’ is toxic behind the scenes | Alex Duda, Kelly Clarkson: Only Jared

employee of The Kelly Clarkson Show talk about the toxic working environment behind the scenes.

Kelly Clarkson has hosted the show since 2019 and the show has won thirteen Daytime Emmy Awards.

But executive producer and showrunner Alex Duda has created such a negative work environment through bullying and verbal abuse that employees have become physically ill and their mental health has suffered greatly, according to a new report.

Read on to find out more…“NBC protects the show because it’s their new moneymaker, but Kelly has no idea how unhappy her employees are,” said a former employee Rolling Stone.

While Kelly Clarkson was respectful of everyone she worked with and she was protected from the way employees were treated by multiple producers.

Kelly is fantastic. She is a person who treats no one with anything but dignity and is incredibly appreciative,” said a former employee. “I’d be shocked if she knew. I would be devastated if she knew that the staff are not getting paid for the two week Christmas break. The Kelly who I have interacted with and who everyone knows would probably be quite horrified to find out.”

The work environment starts at the top and nobody seems to blame it Kelly Clarksonsay employees Alex Duda already had a reputation ahead of her, which she brought to the show.

“I find Alex Duda“It’s a monster,” said a former employee. “I have a friend who is an executive producer and warned me against taking the job because she seems to have done it on every show she’s worked on.”

Employees say HR has largely not responded to complaints about producers’ behavior.

“I tried to find a new job having already experienced the toxicity of the day and it had the potential for a fresh start, but Alex [Duda] And the people who are loyal to her have not broken this vicious circle. You can’t be a leader if you keep letting all these bad things happen and fostering a bad culture,” says the employee. “All these daytime shows are meant to make you feel good and happy. Kelly [Clarkson] uses a farewell phrase: “Make it a great day, and if it’s not great, change it,” but it’s hard to exist and work in a machine that spreads these happy, bubbly, positive messages, and then there are people here who do that just treated badly.”

Kelly recently torn while wearing The Kelly Clarkson Show about how her daughter was bullied because of her dyslexia.

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