Kelly Osbourne looks unrecognizable and slimmer in new pic

Kelly Osbourne stuns with stunning post!

Despite sporting one of the most recognizable faces thanks to her signature purple hair, the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne can no longer be compared to her former self.

After an incredible weight-loss journey that blew fans away in 2020, many are loving the entertainer’s pared-down features. However, the 38-year-old recently stunned the world with her latest body goals.

Kelly Osbourne continues to lose weight months after giving birth to her first child

In a recent Instagram Story post, the Project Catwalk host double-takes her followers with a glowing selfie. The entertainer looked slimmer than ever in a black tee that revealed her toned arms and cleavage.

Kelly Osbourne looks unrecognizable in new photos

Her shoulder-length purple hair was styled in a side ponytail, while the other half of her locks fell in loose waves, framing the TV personality’s incredibly cropped face. Osbourne could easily be mistaken for someone else as her weight loss had slightly altered her facial features.

The Westminster native’s beaming selfie was taken after the 38-year-old was spotted visiting the Today Show in New York City. As can be seen in the images shared by DailyMail, The mother-of-one unleashed her inner rock star with an all-black ensemble, flaunting her slimmer, toned figure.

Looking significantly younger with her hair styled in pigtails and two tendrils framing her face, the Dancing with the Stars graduate wore a black tee under a fitted leather jacket and matching black pants.

She completed the cool vibe with black and white trainers and gave the cameras a bright smile before entering NBC studios where the news show was filmed. Given the entertainer’s status as a new mom, The Osbournes star’s plump physique came as a surprise.

The Westminster native’s outing came six months after the birth of her first child with Sid Wilson. The couple’s son, Sidney, was born in late 2022. However, his parents did not share his exact date of birth.

Since arriving, the So Undercover actress has delighted her fans with various updates about her maternity journey. One such moment is her son’s first encounter with the Easter Bunny. which the TV personality documented on Instagram.

Kelly Osbourne flaunts her weight loss in new photos

The snap showed the doting mother laughing and as radiant as her beautiful floral dress. She completed the vacation look with black cat-eye glasses and gold bracelets, while her hair was styled in bouncy waves.

The Project Runway Junior judge cradled Sidney in her arms and protected the baby’s identity by covering his face with a giant purple heart emoji. The little one joined in the Christmas cheer by wearing a blue outfit with white furry bunny ears and matching socks.

Behind the mother and son was the giant Easter Bunny, who at first glance seemed to be responsible for Osbourne’s laughter. “Baby Sidney and I just met the Easter Bunny,” the purple-haired beauty captioned the heartwarming moment.

The fashion designer reflected on her life as a working mother in an emotional post

In February, the We Sold Our Souls for Rock ‘n Roll star opened up about adjusting to life as a working mom on her Instagram page. The 38-year-old shared a picture of herself and Kip Zachary playfully sticking out their tongues in a vehicle and openly expressed her concerns in the caption.

According to the Young Hollywood Award winner, she took her first job after welcoming Sidney. However, returning to work as a new mom wasn’t what the Westminster native expected as she couldn’t stop missing her son.

“I have a newfound respect for working mothers. I got my first job since having a baby. Having to leave him this morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done,” lamented the TV personality.

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Instagram | Kelly Osbourne

“This day can’t go by fast enough for me. I can’t want him in my arms again,” the loving mom explained. Although the post received numerous likes, the fashion designer’s followers had a mixed reaction to her confession.

Fellow moms expressed views similar to Osbourne’s, pointing to their challenges as working parents. These women encouraged the entertainer to keep pushing and promised that her situation would improve. However, some trolls criticized the glamor winner for her lawsuit.

“Working? Lol… I doubt you’ve ever worked a hard day in your life,” claimed one critic. Another hater explained that being a stay-at-home mom is harder than the Hollywood one -Sensation that was probably helped by maids.

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