Kendra Wilkinson calls ex Hank Baskett the ‘greatest dad ever’

In a recent interview Kendra Wilkinson spoke openly about her enduring love and admiration for her ex-husband, Hank Baskett, highlighting his role as a remarkable father to their children. She expressed her satisfaction with the joint parenting arrangement and said the love does not fade.

Wilkinson also opened up about her personal struggles and how she is now experiencing positive changes in her life as her children reach milestones and find happiness.

After her divorce, she has decided to focus on her career and prioritize her children as dating is not a priority right now. She shared that she finds fulfillment in her successful real estate projects.

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Kendra Wilkinson praises her ex-husband Hank Baskett

Hank Bassett and Kendra Wilkinson smile

Kendra Wilkinson feels an unwavering affection for her ex-spouse Hank Baskett as she reflects on their parenting journey together. The “Kendra Sells Hollywood” star opened up about their partnership in raising their two children, Alijah Mary, 9, and Hank Jr., 13, and emphasized Baskett’s role as an exceptional father.

During an interview with US Weekly, Wilkinson shared, “I will always love my ex-husband. He’s the greatest dad to my kids and that’s all I really ask.”

She further expressed, “That in itself is so good.” It’s good enough. When things happen later, they happen. I will always love him and I loved him once. Love doesn’t just go away.”

“I will always love her”

Kendra Wilkinson praises ex-husband Hank Baskett as 'greatest dad ever'

The former Playboy model added: “We only have a short time on earth and if you love someone, I will always love them, you know. And my kids are just so happy and so cared for.”

She proudly shared some recent milestones, explaining, “My son is playing basketball now. My daughter is starring in Matilda. There is so much good and life is getting good right now.”

Reflecting on her personal journey, Wilkinson revealed, “I’ve struggled for years. I’ve been in a very bad dark cave for a very long time so life is finally starting to get good again and I hope to be able to carry on like this and carry on.”

“Dating still doesn’t exist for Kendra Wilkinson”

Kendra Wilkinson praises ex-husband Hank Baskett as 'greatest dad ever'

Following her divorce, Wilkinson shared that she currently has no desire to start a new romantic relationship. “There’s still very little dating,” she revealed Us weekly. “It really is [not in] “I’m thinking about it right now because I’m so keen to build my new career in business and focused on my two kids.”

The former Playboy playmate went on to explain that her busy schedule revolves around her children as she prefers to be fully present in their lives.

“I haven’t [a] nanny or housekeeping [service]so I don’t really have a lot of time to give a guy anything,” she explained, adding, “It’s just not really exciting for me to think like that.” According to Wilkinson, “It’s more exciting selling houses and this one good feeling.”

Kendra Wilkinson praises ex-husband Hank Baskett as 'greatest dad ever'

She continued, emphasizing her passion for her current endeavors: “I love what I do and if I love what I do, I see no point in changing that and giving my time to someone else and hoping.” ” that it works.”

Wilkinson spoke enthusiastically about her compelling documentaries, in which she ventured into the world of selling exclusive real estate in California. “It just makes me feel good to do business and my kids are proud of me when I do it,” she said. The reality star added: “You won’t be proud of me if I bring a weird guy. It’s just like they’re proud of me for making deals and I want to keep doing that.”

Kendra Wilkinson shares family vacation photo in Hawaii

Kendra Wilkinson praises ex-husband Hank Baskett as 'greatest dad ever'

Accordingly People MagazineWilkinson wowed her followers in December by sharing a rare photo with her two children during a leisurely family vacation in Maui, Hawaii.

“Happy Holidays,” she captioned an Instagram post, which showed the reality star’s beaming smile against a picturesque backdrop of swaying palm trees. The snap also showed Wilkinson’s children frolicking in the sea.

In 2009, Wilkinson and Baskett tied the knot at an extravagant wedding at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. However, after nine years of marriage, they separated and finalized their divorce in February 2019. Wilkinson and Baskett amicably agreed on joint legal and physical custody of their two precious offspring.

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