Kevin Grosskreutz is moving to Wacker Obercastrop

Looking forward to working together: Wacker's sporting director Tim Eibold (from left), Kevin Großkreutz and Thorben Krol, designated chairman as Martin Janicki's successor.
Looking forward to working together: Wacker’s sporting director Tim Eibold (from left), Kevin Großkreutz and Thorben Krol, designated chairman as Martin Janicki’s successor. © Wacker Obercastrop

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Kevin Großkreutz will no longer wear the jersey of TuS Bövinghausen from the 2023/24 season. After two years, the world champion and ex-BVB professional is leaving the Dortmund football league. He joins the current Westphalian league club SV Wacker Obercastrop. Ajhan Dzaferoski, President of TuS Bövinghausen, announced the change on Monday afternoon in an interview with this editorial team. On Monday morning, Dzaferoski also announced that Großkreutz – and also Dino Dzaferoski and Marko Onucka – no longer form the coaching team at TuS. Großkreutz himself and Wacker Obercastrop remained silent until Monday evening and did not comment on the request of this editorial team. On Monday evening, however, the club itself went on the offensive and confirmed the change from Großkreutz to Wacker via social media.

Wacker’s sporting director Tim Eibold, who is also a private friend of Grosskreutz and has already worked with the world champion at Türkspor Dortmund, is happy about the change. “Kevin Großkreutz is an absolute win for the club, the team and of course the town of Castrop-Rauxel. In terms of sport and personality, Kevin is an excellent match for Wacker Obercastrop and will definitely help us with his many years of experience in professional football. I am very pleased that the transfer worked and I would like to thank everyone involved who made this transfer possible,” Eibold is quoted as saying on SV Wacker’s social media channels.

Grosskreutz expresses himself

In addition to Eibold, Kevin Großkreutz himself also confirms the change. He published the transfer on his Instagram account and also shared the post from SV Wacker, in which the club reported on the change.

“First of all, I’m really looking forward to my new job at SV Wacker Obercastrop. A great club with a very family environment. I felt very comfortable here during my first conversation with Tim Eibold and the coaching team. I would like to help the club with my experience and give everything on the pitch so that we can continue to be successful in the future.

My thanks also go to TuS Bövinghausen for two very nice years. I will give everything for TuS’ success until the end.

I can’t wait to be on the pitch with my new team and to write another success story for Wacker.

Wacker fans – see you in July,” the club quoted the world champion as saying.

TuS Bövinghausen also introduced a new coach on Monday evening, under whom Großkreutz will work for the rest of the season. Christian Knappmann is now coaching TuS Bövinghausen and is supposed to help the upper league team to get promoted to the regional league.

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