Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov Arrested, Who are Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov? Why was Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov Arrested?

Who are Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov?

Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov are notable figures in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA). Khusein, often referred to as ‘Nohcho,’ is a 28-year-old MMA fighter originally from Chechnya. His journey in professional MMA began in 2012, and he swiftly made a name for himself by maintaining an impressive undefeated record in his first 23 fights. His exceptional achievements led him to earn a coveted spot in the UFC, the premier organization in the MMA universe.

Khasan Askhabov, the twin brother of Khusein, is also a fighter in the MMA arena. While he may not enjoy the same level of recognition as Khusein, he has participated in renowned promotions such as Bellator. Nonetheless, Khasan’s career has faced its share of challenges, including bouts that were canceled and issues concerning his roster status within Bellator.

Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov Arrested

The world of MMA was rocked by a startling turn of events when news broke of the arrest of Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov in Phuket, Thailand. Their apprehension was tied to a deeply disturbing incident involving the abduction, robbery, and brutalization of an Italian tourist within a villa situated in a resort. According to reports, on September 3, three individuals originating from Kazakhstan forcefully entered the tourist’s villa, subjecting him to a harrowing and traumatic experience that included the theft of valuable possessions and a significant sum of money.

While the precise roles played by the Askhabov brothers in this criminal act remain enigmatic, authorities harbor suspicions that they might have been instrumental in orchestrating the assault and robbery. Astonishingly, this shocking incident unfolded just one day after the conclusion of UFC 293, where the Askhabov brothers were present in Thailand for Muay Thai training.


Why was Khusein Askhabov and Khasan Askhabov Arrested?

The arrest of Khusein and Khasan Askhabov was prompted by their alleged involvement in the abduction, torture, and extortion of an Italian citizen in the picturesque setting of Phuket, Thailand. The victim of this harrowing ordeal suffered substantial losses, including high-end luxury watches, such as a Rolex and Patek Philippe ‘Nautilus,’ valuable Apple computers, iPhones, and a significant amount of cash.

The perpetrators responsible for this heinous act, distinct from the Askhabov brothers, forcibly entered the victim’s villa. During this traumatic incident, the victim was blindfolded, bound, and gagged, leaving him in a state of profound distress. Although Khusein and Khasan Askhabov were not physically present during the commission of this crime, suspicions have arisen regarding their potential role in orchestrating the attack and robbery. It is noteworthy that the victim had crossed paths with the Askhabov brothers approximately a year earlier in Thailand, suggesting some level of prior acquaintance between them.

Possible Consequences of Khusein Askhabov’s UFC Career

Khusein Askhabov’s recent arrest and the serious allegations against him and his brother cast a shadow over his UFC career. Khusein had been scheduled to fight Daniel Pineda at UFC Fight Night 229, set for October 7 at the UFC Apex Facility in Las Vegas. However, in light of the severity of the accusations, it’s possible that the 28-year-old fighter may be removed from the card.

The UFC released a statement acknowledging the arrest and the ongoing legal process, but they have canceled his scheduled fight. Given the circumstances, it’s uncertain how these events will impact Khusein Askhabov’s future in the MMA world and whether he will face legal consequences related to the allegations against him.

Khusein Askhabov’s MMA Background

Khusein Askhabov boasts a remarkable MMA career, having participated in over 24 professional fights before making his debut in the prestigious UFC. Prior to joining the UFC, he had accumulated an unblemished record of 23 wins, a testament to his exceptional skills in the MMA arena. His journey in the world of MMA took him through various promotions, including World Warriors Fighting Championships, Grand European Fighting Championship, and Legion Fight.

Additionally, Khusein holds the title of a former Russian Combat Sambo Champion, showcasing his prowess in the realm of martial arts. In his debut year with the UFC, Khusein faced Jamall Emmers but suffered a unanimous decision loss. However, his UFC journey was marred by a series of setbacks, including injuries and other issues, which led to the cancellation of several of his scheduled fights. Consequently, his appearances in the Octagon were limited, leaving questions about his future in the MMA world.

Khusein Askhabov Upcoming UFC Fight

Khusein Askhabov was gearing up for his upcoming UFC fight, scheduled to take place at UFC Fight Night 229. This anticipated event was set to unfold on October 7 at the UFC Apex Facility in Enterprise, Nevada. Khusein was slated to face off against Daniel Pineda in a featherweight bout, and fans were eagerly awaiting this matchup.

However, the recent developments involving Khusein Askhabov’s arrest in Thailand on allegations related to kidnapping and robbery have cast uncertainty over his participation in this scheduled UFC fight. The severity of the accusations and the ongoing legal process have raised questions about whether he will be able to compete in the Octagon as planned. UFC officials announced the cancellation of his fight, and the MMA community continues to monitor the situation, awaiting further updates on Khusein Askhabov’s future in the UFC.

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