Kim Kardashian hints that religious differences led to divorce

Kim Kardashian is sharing her thoughts with fans after her very public divorce from Kanye West.

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During the latest episode of the On purpose with Jay Shetty In the podcast, the SKIMS founder talked about how her personal life is going. Kardashian gushed that she’s “doing really well” and that the people in her life are “really solid” right now.

Though the reality star didn’t name her ex-husband Kanye West, she continued to talk about differing beliefs and the realization that you can’t force others to think like you do – which prompted fans to assume that she was referring to the musician.

“I’ve learned that you can’t help people who don’t want help,” Kardashian said. “You can’t impose your beliefs and project them onto someone who thinks something completely different.”

She continued, “It’s okay to have these different views. That’s why the world turns. But if, deep down, you don’t agree with the same values, morals, and things, then it’s okay to realize that this life is so short and you should seek out people who agree with what you truly believe. “

Though Kim doesn’t name her ex, she did mention their four children: North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4.

“Those are some of the things I would teach my kids about when they’re looking for friends, partners and relationships,” she continued. “You can’t really force anything on other people. You can’t expect them to be at the same level as you are.”

Kardashian went on to clarify that she doesn’t consider any of her previous relationships to have failed, alluding to her time with West being “beautiful” regardless of how things ended.

“Sometimes I feel like people think if a relationship doesn’t work out, it’s failed, but I don’t really see it that way,” she insisted. “15 years together, 10 years. This is not a failure. This is so beautiful.”

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