King Charles: More than 50 arrests around his coronation

On the day of the coronation of King Charles III. Police in London have arrested a total of 52 people accused of crimes related to the celebrations. While the interior minister praises the officials, there is criticism from other quarters.

The reason was crimes such as bodily harm, violations of public order, breach of the peace and “conspiracy to cause a public nuisance”. “All of these individuals remain in custody,” the Metropolitan Police said on Saturday.

Coronation: Criticism above all of the arrest of opponents of the monarchy

There was criticism of the arrest of several monarchy opponents from the Republic group. “We fully understand the public’s concerns following the arrests we made this morning,” said Chief of Operations Karen Findlay. Protests are lawful and should be disruptive.

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But the police must intervene if the demonstrations “become criminal and can cause serious disruption,” Findlay said. “It depends on the context. The coronation is an event of a generation and that is an important aspect of our assessment.”

Minister of the Interior praises the actions of the police

Interior Secretary Suella Braverman thanked the police for their efforts. “It was a magnificent procession and ceremony enjoyed by tens of thousands of people across London,” said the Conservative politician. “It was a great homage to our country and our monarchy.” The government recently tightened the right to demonstrate again. For example, police officers can ban protests if they expect them to disrupt public order.

A total of around 11,500 officers were deployed in the British capital. The cost of the security measures is estimated at £150m (€170m). (dpa/mp)

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