King Charles: Research Reveals The Royals’ Horrific Finances

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Royals: Which raised King Charles two million pounds

04/07/2023, 18:44

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Explosive documentary: Netflix series “Harry & Meghan” starts

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As the country prepares for Charles’ coronation, The Guardian takes a look at the royals’ finances. The result surprises.

The British tabloids have been pretty cranky these weeks. In less than a month, Charles III. in a lavish ceremony king crowned, and the ardent monarchists in the tabloids can’t wait.

Every day they publish new details or at least speculation about the course of the ceremony: Who exactly will be standing where on the balcony. Who do you think will wear the king’s robes? What symbolism the various embellishments on the official invitation have.

They write of Camilla’s newfound self-confidence, now called “Queen Camilla”, and of lurking dangers – some fear that Charles‘ Fingers could swell too much for the coronation ring to fit.

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Before Charles‘ Coronation: ‘Guardian uncovers hidden royal finances

The left liberal “Guardians” however, does not participate. He launched a project called “Cost of the Crown” instead. It is a series of investigative investigations that scrutinize the finances of the monarchy.

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In the interest of the public, the newspaper will “disclose what kind Assets the royals have quietly amassed thanks to their public function.” And the reporting will also show “what a challenge it is to get answers to the simplest of questions.”

That’s how much tax money the British royal family spends on security costs

For example, the security costs for leading members of the Royal family. Estimates range from a few million to £100 million in taxpayers’ money a year, writes the think tank Institute for Government. However, neither the police nor Buckingham Palace have announced exact figures – in contrast to France or the USA, where it is public knowledge how much the security of their heads of state costs.

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When the Guardian made a request for information, it was rejected first by the Home Office and then by the Information Commissioner’s Office. The publication then appealed to the information tribunal, it may be months before a Verdict comes.

With that, Queen Elizabeth and Charles took in nearly £2 million

On some other issues, however, the journalists have made progress. For example, you’ve found that by selling horses, Queen Elizabeth II and Charles almost 2 million pounds have taken.

However, the animals were gifts: monarchs from Arab countries in particular brought the queen Thoroughbreds as gifts – they knew Elizabeth had a thing for horses. Over the past decade, the royals have sold over two dozen of these animals at public auctions, raking in a tidy sum.

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That’s how much money Queen Elizabeth and Charles made from real estate

They are also lucrative duchies from Lancaster and Cornwall. Despite the name, these are not actual properties, but portfolios – “huge real estate empires”, as the “Guardian” writes, that manage agricultural land, hotels, medieval castles and some luxury properties.

All proceeds go to the monarch and eldest son. Over the course of Elizabeth’s long reign, The Guardian has calculated that she and Charles together took in around £1.2 billion. It is not known what they spent the money on, it was a private matter. Politicians have repeatedly demanded that the income from the two duchies be ans Treasury should go.

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British royal family: Secret documents show connection to slave trade

The “Guardian” has also published an ancient document that reveals the involvement of the British monarchy into the slave trade. It is a newly discovered charter from 1689 which states that King William III. Receives £1,000 worth of shares in the Royal African Company – the notorious trading company that transported thousands of slaves from Africa to the Caribbean every year. Around the same time, construction began on Kensington Palace in London, now the residence of Prince William and Kate.

That the British monarchy in the slave trade were involved and benefited from it is already known. In October, the University of Manchester launched a research project aimed at shedding light on this dark chapter in Britain’s royal life.

Following the release of the share certificate, King Charles signaled on Thursday that, contrary to the secrecy surrounding the royal finance – is quite open to coming to terms with the past. The monarch takes this issue “very important,” the palace said.

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