King Charles’ resurfaced comments give new meaning to pre-coronation family tensions

Using archive footage, the BBC documentary Charles R: The Making of a Monarch lets King Charles tell his story in his own words. In a 1969 clip while decorating a Christmas tree with Queen Elizabeth and Princess Anne, Charles says in voiceover, “I see us more as family than as a company. I tend to think of my family as very special people.”

By prioritizing family ties over royal responsibilities, Charles turned the script around. Although it’s been over half a century since the king made those comments, there’s evidence he still believes in a family philosophy, particularly when it comes to Charles’ relationship with Prince Harry. “The fact that he even wanted Prince Harry at his coronation ceremony shows that he really does see his family as something to be cherished and he really tries to treat them more as family than company, although they effectively are both.” and he is the leader of both his family and the company,” broadcaster Ester Krakue told Sky News.

Similar to his grandfather’s experiences, Charles’ emphasis on family could also have a positive impact on the royal business side. According to Edward Owens’ book The Family Firm, during the reign of George VI. “A more informal and vulnerable family-centric image strengthened the emotional bonds members of the public forged with the royals, and the strengthening of those ties had a unifying effect on national life” (via Bustle).

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