King Charles shows ‘approval’ for Zara Tindall’s ‘legendary PDA’

Zara Tindall, 42, was born on May 15, 1981. She is the second and youngest child of Princess Anne and her ex-husband Captain Mark Phillips.

She was christened on July 27, 1981, at Windsor Castle. Her first name was suggested by her uncle King Charles, the then-Prince of Wales.

This goes some way to explaining the close relationship between Zara and Charles that has clearly lasted over four decades.

Judi James, a body language expert, spoke exclusively to to analyse the uncle-niece duo’s relationship.

She claimed: “One of the sweetest and most uncomplicated relationships in the Royal Family seems to be the one between Charles and his niece, Zara.

“Unlike many of the people in the King’s life, Zara seems to treat her uncle with unfiltered fondness and he seems to respond in kind.

“Their public displays of affection (PDAs) are legendary and the body language signals suggest they are always led by Zara, who seems untroubled by protocol, status or even Charles’s customary avoidance of any touch rituals in public that go beyond a handshake.

“She seems purely keen to show everyone how determined she is to give this sometimes solitary and reflective man a hug.”

Judi expanded on Zara’s personality and why she is able to be so “tactile” with the King of the United Kingdom.

The body language expert opined: “Zara is probably the most tactile member of the Royal Family and it must be her confidence and total lack of shyness or wariness that helps her create these moments of close proximity, eye contact and tender touch like hugs or kisses on the cheek.

“She will tend to take the more dominant role too, hooking an arm around Charles’s shoulders or neck and treating him more like an uncle in need of some tender loving care (TLC) than a King who commands only respect.”

Even though Zara certainly initiates her hugs with the King, Judi suggests that Charles is “delighted” as a result.

She claimed: “Charles’s responses are always interesting. He seems to be surprised but also delighted by Zara’s more spontaneously loving displays and will often reciprocate the hug or return the eye contact and smile in a slightly more bashful but clearly happy manner.

“These approval signals are important because although Zara and her husband Mike tend to employ playful and spontaneous body language behaviours, they are also very adept at not over-stepping the mark.

“They do have a filter and they know how and when to use it. Zara would also show affection to the late Queen in public but she was much less demonstrative and used other ways than touch to get that affection across.

“With Charles upgrading from Prince to King, Zara might have felt the need to tone down some of her rituals accordingly.

“But Charles’s own signals of quiet approval have clearly let her know that it’s business as usual in terms of PDAs since her uncle’s Coronation.”

Post source: Express

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