Kirchdorf an der Iller – wild boar crosses road – Stuttgart Journal

Kirchdorf an der Iller – wild boar crosses road – Stuttgart Journal

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Early on Friday morning, a driver caught a wild animal near Kirchdorf an der Iller. Ulm (ots) – Around 3 a.m., a 36-year-old drove on the district road from Berkheim in the direction of Egelsee. There a wild boar crossed the road.

The driver of the VW could no longer brake and caught the animal. The airbags deployed due to the severe impact. The 36-year-old was unharmed. The wild boar died. Damage to the VW was estimated at 10,000 euros. A tow truck recovered the car, which was no longer drivable. Info: Damage to your own car caused by accidents with wild animals is covered by partial and fully comprehensive insurance, but sometimes only in the case of furred game. A certificate of the wildlife accident is helpful for quick processing. This can come from the forester or hunting tenant, but also from the police.

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