Knock Knock Ending Explained, Plot, Cast, and More

Knock Knock Ending Explained

Louis arrives to collect a sculpture from Evan, only to find him in distress due to an asthma attack caused by the girls who have vandalized the sculpture. As Louis tries to retrieve his inhaler from the girls, he falls and dies from hitting his head on a piece of the sculpture. The girls then turn Louis’ corpse into a red sculpture and bury Evan alive, while framing him for Louis’ murder by using their phones to fake text messages.

The girls go on to torture Evan, trashing the house and cutting his hair, and forcing him to play hide-and-seek. When Evan tries to escape, he is held at gunpoint by Genesis, who reveals that everything they did was part of a wicked hobby of seducing and ruining the homes of married men with children. At dawn, they tie Evan up and bury him with only his head above ground, but miss crushing his skull with a stone.

They reveal that it was all just a game and that they never intended to kill him. They leave Evan to his fate, uploading a video of Bel raping him onto his Facebook profile. In an alternate ending, Evan tracks the girls to their next victim’s house with the help of Monkey, their pet dog. He confronts them at the door, seeking revenge for their atrocities.

Knock Knock Plot

Architect Evan Webber was enjoying a weekend alone with his dog, Monkey, when two young women, Genesis and Bel, knocked on his door during a rainstorm. Feeling sorry for them, Evan allowed them into his home to dry off and use his Internet to contact the party host they were looking for. As they waited for an Uber, the girls flirted with Evan, who played some of his old DJ records.

When the driver arrived, the girls disappeared to the bathroom, and Evan found them nude when he brought them their clothes. Initially, Evan tried to persuade them to leave, but they forced themselves upon him, and they had a threesome. The next morning, Evan discovered that the girls had vandalized his wife’s sculpture. When he threatened to call the police, the girls claimed to be underage.

After Evan agreed to take them home, they tied him up, tortured him, and raped him while recording everything. Louis, Karen’s assistant, found Evan was killed by the girls during an asthma attack. They buried Evan alive with only his head above ground and threatened to crush his skull with a large stone at dawn.

Knock Knock Cast



Keanu Reeves Evan Webber
Lorenza Izzo Genesis
Ana de Armas Bell
Dan Baily Jake
Megan Baily Lisa
Aaron Burns Louis
Ignacia Allamand Karen Alvarado
Colleen Camp Vivian
Otto Monkey

Knock Knock Where to Watch?

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