Krombacher warns of fake Father’s Day


Krombacher Pils Flakes
Krombacher bottles. © picture alliance / dpa

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Attention Fakes! The Krombacher brewery warns of a WhatsApp competition that is obviously spreading rapidly. A fridge full of beer is promised for Father’s Day. Krombacher warns on the website and on social media channels: “This competition is not from us! Please do not forward.”

Krombacher competition for Father’s Day: WhatsApp link is a fraud attempt

In order to be able to participate in the sweepstakes, one must click on a link and share the message with friends. According to media reports, the link leads to a phishing site where personal information is requested. Sensitive data may be tapped or the end device infected with a virus. The URL ending “.ru” is particularly striking.

Krombacher warns and states that this is not an official Krombacher competition, but an attempt at fraud in which the sender pretends to be a Krombacher brewery. “We currently do not generally share Krombacher competitions via WhatsApp. Please pay attention to the URL in sweepstakes: foreign URLs can be an indication of fake campaigns.”


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