Kym Marsh Illness: What Illness Does Kym Marsh Have?

Who is Kym Marsh?

Kym Marsh is a British actress and singer. She was born on June 13, 1976, in Whiston, Merseyside, England. Marsh gained fame as a member of the British pop group Hear’Say, which was formed through the reality TV show “Popstars” in 2001. As part of the group, she achieved chart success with songs like “Pure and Simple” and “The Way to Your Love.” After leaving Hear’Say in 2002, Kym Marsh pursued a solo career in music. 

She released several solo singles and an album titled “Standing Tall.” In addition to her music career, Marsh transitioned into acting and became known for her role as Michelle Connor on the long-running British soap opera “Coronation Street.” She joined the cast in 2006 and played the character until 2019, earning critical acclaim for her performances.

Kym Marsh Illness

Kym Marsh has openly discussed her experiences with anxiety while participating in Strictly Come Dancing, revealing the impact it had on her journey on the popular BBC show. The former Coronation Street actress was among the 15 well-known contestants who took part in last year’s season of Strictly, ultimately finishing in sixth place alongside her professional partner Graziano Di Prima. Throughout her time on the show, Kym bravely shared her struggles with anxiety, including the occurrence of panic attacks during rehearsals.

Kym Marsh openly discussed her experiences with anxiety during her time on Strictly Come Dancing. Despite feeling nervous on set and having her anxiety resurface, she was able to overcome it and take control. She learned valuable lessons about pushing herself and realizing her strength to overcome challenges.

What Does Kym Marsh Illness?

It seems Kym Marsh has suffered from anxiety. She felt that during her participation in the Strictly Come Dancing. During her time on Strictly Come Dancing, the former member of Hear’Say, Kym Marsh, spoke to The Sun about her experiences with panic attacks. She expressed her willingness to discuss it openly, as she knows that anxiety can affect anyone at any time.

Marsh revealed that she sometimes goes long periods without experiencing panic attacks, but they can suddenly strike. Despite being on television, she admitted that she doesn’t always feel confident, and her anxiety manifests in such moments.

Kym Marsh Health Problems

Kym Marsh got health issues only because of anxiety. It seems Kym did not have any other health issues than it. Kym was a bold personality, who had self-possession.  The specific instance of panic was linked to various factors, such as receiving critical feedback from the judges in the preceding week and feeling overwhelmed due to balancing multiple jobs simultaneously. These circumstances caused her confidence to plummet, and she even contemplated leaving the show altogether.

Apart from her work on “Coronation Street,” Kym Marsh has appeared in various other television shows, including “Doctors,” “The Spa,” and “The Syndicate.” She has also participated in reality TV shows such as “Popstar to Operastar” and “Strictly Come Dancing.” Marsh has been recognized with several awards for her contributions to the entertainment industry. She has been an ambassador for the British charity Caudwell Children and has worked to raise awareness about conditions such as autism and dyslexia.

Where is Kym Marsh Today?

Kym Marsh, the host of The One Show and a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, relocated to a new residence near Warrington, Cheshire in 2018. She is peacefully living with her children David, Emilie, and Polly. Regarding her aspirations for 2023, Kym expressed to Prima magazine her desire to maintain a strong work ethic, serve as a positive role model for her children, and enjoy quality time with her grandchildren.

She emphasized that the past few years have been focused on setting ambitious goals and pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. Kym intends to carry this mindset forward, emphasizing that she has no intention of complacency. Instead, she aims to keep pushing her boundaries, continually testing her limits, and showcasing her abilities. 

Latest News on Kym Marsh

In addition to her career in music and acting, Kym Marsh is involved in philanthropy and has supported various charities. Overall, Kym Marsh is a versatile entertainer who has achieved success in both music and acting. She continues to be a prominent figure in the British entertainment industry. Describing the experience as one she will always cherish, Kym expressed her sentiments in a nod to Take That themselves.

Amid recent rumors of a split from her husband of 18 months, Scott Ratcliff, it has been reported that Kym and Scott had been facing challenges in their relationship for some time. According to a source cited by The Sun, they attempted a trial separation earlier in the year with hopes of reconciling, but ultimately decided it was best to part ways. The source cited work commitments as a significant factor, as Scott’s military duties required him to be stationed in the South while Kym’s work took her across the country.

Currently, Kym can be seen in the production “Greatest Days,” which recently premiered in Bromley and will tour various locations in the UK, including Manchester, Newcastle, and Liverpool. Additionally, viewers can anticipate Kym’s appearance in the upcoming twelfth series of “Waterloo Road,” where she portrays Nicky Walters, a struggling mother-of-two and dinner lady. The series is scheduled to air weekly starting from May 16, with the full series available for streaming as a box set on BBC iPlayer.

Kym Marsh Diet Plan

In 2022, Kym Marsh, the former Coronation Street actress, revealed the secrets behind her incredible physique, emphasizing that a gym or heavy weights are not necessary to achieve desired results. As a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing 2022, Kym Marsh has undergone a remarkable transformation, leaving her fans in awe. While she has not explicitly shared her exact method, it is evident that she has been dedicated to improving herself, and her hard work has yielded noticeable results.

Kym has been a longtime enthusiast of working out and has mentioned her enjoyment of the gym and occasional challenging 5k runs in an Instagram post. In another post, she shared her experience of a “cheeky” gym session involving squatting with a 16kg kettlebell, followed by a spa day, expressing her gratitude to her friend.

Her fitness endeavors have been widely recognized, with Kym astonishing fans by revealing her ability to lose five pounds in just 10 days back in 2018. Since departing from Coronation Street, she has taken the opportunity to refocus on her fitness journey and has documented her progress on social media.

In one of her posts, wearing a sports bra and figure-hugging leggings, Kym proudly displayed her impressive six-pack, receiving congratulations from her fans. She captioned the picture with a motivational message, stating, “Progress being made! Come on February, let’s have ya!!!” Despite her own gym-focused routine, Kym Marsh wants to reassure people that they can achieve improved health and fitness without relying on a gym or heavy weights.

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