La Brea fans aren’t thrilled with Eve and Levi

The huge problem most fans have with Eve and Levi is that their relationship is built on an extramarital affair and that alone is enough to make them both instantly dislike. Such was the case with u/Tiamat_fire_and_ice, who wrote: “When they revealed she was a scammer I went into active dislike and that’s where I stayed. I think Levi was despicable too; I’m not blaming everything on Eve because she’s the woman. I blame her the most because she was the married one.” As other fans noted, even the reasons Eve and Levi got together in the first place don’t paint her in a good light.

We learn in “La Brea” that Eve and Levi’s affair began after Gavin’s plane crash and his strange visions drove him to drinking. While it’s understandable that Gavin’s personal rock bottom took a toll on his relationship with Eve, some fans like u/This_Violinist_6097 noted that she would have been better off divorcing Gavin than just cheating on him with his best friend. Additionally, the fact that Gavin’s visions of the main events in “La Brea” turned out to be true, as well as his efforts to go in and save Eve and her family, has made fans like u/TillIGetMyEmailBack sympathize with him. They wrote, “How Gavin loves her so much it actually upsets me because he deserves better.”

But perhaps the real crime of Eve and Levi’s affair is that it takes the focus away from what’s really important in “La Brea,” like all those computer-generated beasts. U/BalaAthens summed up their investment perfectly: “I’m only here for the CGIs.”

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