La Firma Netflix Contestants, Meet the Talented Competitors

About La Firma

La Firma is a Netflix series that centers around 12 contestants from around the world competing for a record deal with Neon16, a record label co-founded by Tainy and Lex Borrero, who also serve as judges on the show. The contestants will face a series of challenges and tasks that are typical of the competition reality show format. In addition, the contestants will spend time in the studio daily, creating songs around themes selected by the judges, which they will then perform live for the judges. The judges will provide feedback and critique on the contestants’ performances and ultimately decide who will be awarded the coveted record deal. 

The series takes place in a modernist mansion in Miami, where the contestants live and work on their music. Each episode features challenges and performances judged by the panel, with one contestant eliminated each week. The show also gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the music industry and the creative process of making a hit song.

La Firma Netflix Contestants


Country of Origin


Interesting Fact

Wanda Original Argentina 23 Writing music for over a decade
Nashy-Nashai Argentina N/A Music dedicated to her mom
Mosmo Mexico 23 Norteño music influences his songs
Mila Colombia 25 Started singing at 14
Rmand Dominican Republic 19 Grandfather encouraged his talent
Nati Boulier Colombia 26 Sang backup for Karol G
Dreamboy Mexico N/A Shifted focus to music after a cancer diagnosis
Eydrey USA N/A Known for “sad reggaeton”
Diego Smith Chile N/A His catchy music and hair make him stand out
Monique Hasbun USA 24 First contestant to be eliminated
Gigi Saldaña Puerto Rico 25 Works as a teacher in San Juan
Stefano Toller Peru 24 Wants to open doors for Peruvian artists


The Signing Netflix Contestants

The show “The Signing” on Netflix features 12 contestants who are put through typical competition reality challenges, but with an added twist of creating songs daily in the studio around selected themes by the judges. The competitors then perform their tracks live for the judges, and it’s up to them to give it their all or lose it all. The contestants live in a modernist Miami mansion but with only 10 beds, creating a sense of competition even in their living arrangements. The judges critique the competitors’ performances, and the bottom three are called to a final reckoning, where one of them is told that their contract has been terminated. It’s a tough competition, and the judges are not playing around, as they search for the next music star.  The competition is intense as the contestants are not only judged on their vocal abilities but also on their songwriting skills and stage presence. Each challenge is designed to push them to their limits and test their creativity under pressure. Only the strongest will survive and earn the coveted record deal with NEON16 and Universal Music Latin.

La Firma Netflix Cast

Cast Member



Rauw Alejandro Self – Judge 5
Lex Borrero Self – Judge 5
Yandel Self – Judge 5
Nicki Nicole Self – Judge 5
Tainy Self – Judge 1
Tony Portuondo Head of Security 1
Albert Hype Self – Producer 1
Elena Rose Self – Producer 1
Jack E. Miller Self 1
Gaby Morales Self – Producer 1
The Rudeboyz Self – Producer 1
Jota Rosa Self – Producer 1
Luny Self – Producer 1
Denia Aponte Audience 1
Kiani Kennedy Audience Member 1
Bella Proto Audience

La Firma Netflix Participantes

Wanda Original

Wanda Original, a 23-year-old musician from Argentina, has been composing music for more than ten years. Despite facing challenges as a female artist in her home country, she remains determined to pursue her aspirations. During her debut performance, she immediately impressed the judges.


Nashy-Nashai, who is also from Argentina, creates music as a tribute to her mother. Her mother made the selfless decision to give up her career as a professional dancer to raise Nashy-Nashai and her brother.


Mila, a 25-year-old from Bogotá, Colombia, showcases her distinctive style in the competition. Since she was 14 years old, Mila has been singing and sharing cover songs on social media. She has also talked about her experiences of facing cyberbullying at a young age.


Rmand, who hails from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, attributes his musical skills to his grandfather’s encouragement. With a strong resolve, the 19-year-old is eager to emerge as the winner of the competition and make his family proud.

Nati Boulier

Colombia’s representative in the competition is Nati Boulier, a 26-year-old from Medellín who initially began her career as a wedding singer. She has now gone on to perform worldwide and even served as a backup singer for Karol G. Despite her previous experiences, Nati Boulier desires to showcase her individual talent on stage.


Dreamboy initially had ambitions of becoming a footballer in Mexico City but had to abandon this dream due to an injury. This setback had a severe impact on him, leading to struggles with depression and addiction. Furthermore, he was diagnosed with cancer. However, Dreamboy shifted his focus toward music and has now been clean for five years.


Eydrey, who resides in “the frontera” – the area between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico – is one of the few Americans featured on the show. Although she faced difficulties with her stage performance on the competition, she is renowned for her unique style of music called “sad reggaeton” and is considered an extremely gifted artist.

Diego Smith

Diego Smith, hailing from Santiago, Chile, won over the judges with his first performance of the song “Profesora.” With his unique hairstyle and infectious music, he managed to stand out among the other contestants. However, only the future will reveal if he can maintain his position as the final artist remaining.

Monique Hasbun

Monique, who is 24 years old and hails from Phoenix, Arizona, incorporates her Mexican, Salvadorian, and Middle Eastern heritage into her music. Despite this, she faced difficulties in finding her artistic identity during the competition, and ultimately became the first contestant to be eliminated. Fortunately, you can keep up with her latest developments by following her on Instagram.

Gigi Saldaña

Gigi, aged 25, works as a teacher in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but her aspiration is to pursue music as a full-time career by impressing the judges with her R&B-influenced reggaeton style, despite not currently singing or creating music.

Stefano Toller

Stefano, who is 24 years old and comes from Lima, Peru, aims to increase representation of his country in urban music through his work on La Firma, and also pave the way for other Peruvian artists.


Tainy, a prominent figure in the reggaeton music industry, has collaborated with renowned Latin music artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Daddy Yankee, making him one of the most accomplished music producers in this genre. Additionally, he is a co-founder of Neon16 along with Lex Borrero.

Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro, who is recognized as the “King of Modern Reggaeton,” has achieved tremendous success with his songs such as “Te Felicito,” “Punto 40,” and “Party.” Moreover, he has recently shared the news of his engagement with Rosalïa.

Nicki Nicole

Nicki Nicole, a singer and rapper from Argentina, gained fame following the release of her song “Wapo Traketero” in 2019. Recently, in 2021, she made history by becoming the inaugural Argentinian artist to perform on The Tonight Show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.


With a career that dates back to the late 1990s as one half of the renowned reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel, Yandel is sufficiently experienced to assess the singing competition.

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