Larissa cries after causing a fight between Bruna and Cezar Black

Before the party at ‘BBB 23’, Bruna and Cezar had a heated discussion due to a conversation about instructions that Larissa allegedly received

at the house of ‘BBB 23’, Bruna Griphao caught Cezar Black and Domitila talking about Larissa, where they pointed out that the sister would have returned in the recap after receiving external guidance. Upon hearing the conversation, the actress got excited and went to take satisfaction with her brother.

Larissa at BBB 23. Reproduction/Globoplay

Larissa at BBB 23. Reproduction/Globoplay

Photo: Mais Novela

So, after the bullshit ended and tempers calmed down, it was time to Larissa lose control. Quite shaken by the accusations, she cried: “I can’t take it anymore. I’m tired.”

Worried about their friend, the sisters gave her all their support. “Breathe. We’re here. We’re here”, he said Amanda. “Cry, my love, cry”he said Alineadvising her to get it all out.

“What others say does not define you. Don’t stay where people try to put you. You know who you are, your family knows who you are, that’s it”, said Larissa. Then, she hugged Bruna, who apologized for what happened. “Thanks for speaking for me, I don’t have the strength anymore”, he responded.

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