Last Cloudia Tier List, Most Powerful Heroes Ranked Here

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“The Last Cloudia Compendium is a community-driven resource dedicated to the free-to-play mobile RPG developed and published by AIDIS. With 4,542 pages and 690 articles, the compendium serves as a guide for players seeking information on the game’s various aspects. Last Cloudia is set in the world of Granzelia, where humans and beasts coexist in harmony. After the war triggered by the God of Ruin, peace has been restored. However, when the 12th Division of the Knight Brigade is tasked with rescuing a young woman, Kyle, a passionate young knight, and Rei, a brave beast, embark on a skyship of the Empire, unaware that their choices will shape the world’s fate.”

This tier list for Last Cloudia provides a ranking of the game’s strongest units, categorized from tier S to tier D. By referring to this list, players can easily select the most effective units for their gameplay needs. Explore the top-ranked units in this Last Cloudia tier list, organized in descending order from tier S to tier D. The most powerful units are listed in tier S.

Last Cloudia Tier List

 Tier S+

Tier S

  • Goroth the Insatiable

  • Chrome

  • Tsukasa Shishio

  • Kohaku

  • Advocate of God Lily

  • Rimuru Tempest

  • Blazeblade Shin

  • Milim Nava

  • Beyland

  • Zaix

  • Lily

  • Tinkili the Diva

  • Dilmordo

 Tier A

  • Yashamaru

  • Advocate of God, Zouglas

  • Randi

  • Zleorg the Heathen

  • Lagrobos

 Tier B

Tier C

  • Sahagin

  • Prince Gorm

  • Primm

  • Davan

  • Lilebetter of the Blaze

  • Princess Lilah

  • Lukiel

  • Summoner Leena

  • Eliza

  • Claire and Dahlgion

  • Saintly Theria

Tier D

 Last Cloudia Reroll Guide

Rerolling Tips:

  • At the beginning of the game, take advantage of a large number of rolls and free currency provided. Use 6000 stones on the DMC units to get 2 to 3 DMC units or arks in total. Utilize the guarantee ticket to avoid duplicates, and use the 6 DMC tickets to obtain feature units. With these steps, you can start the game with 3-4 DMC units/arks before progressing through the story.

  • Once you start the story, set aside 6000 to 9000 stones for the start dash banner to obtain at least 1 or 2 DoH units.

Steps to Reroll:

To reroll, create a new game data by renaming the game’s folder located in Internal storage>Android>data. After renaming, clear the data for the game from app settings and change the folder name back to its original name. You can now start a new account, increasing your chances of obtaining desirable units and arks. Note that using an emulator can make this process much easier.

Last Cloudia Tier List 2023

S Tier:

These are the strongest and most desirable characters currently available in the game. Aim to add them to your party as soon as possible and prioritize leveling them up and providing them with the best equipment.

A Tier:

These characters are great for filling gaps in your party when you haven’t unlocked many S tier units or there aren’t enough S tiers to fill a full party. Investigate these characters to see which ones will counter your party’s weaknesses.

B Tier:

These characters are helpful during the early stages of the game, but their usefulness fades later on. Use them when you lack S and A tier characters, but aim to swap them out as soon as possible.

C Tier:

While not as strong as S or A tier characters, C tier characters can have niche uses in specific game modes or be powerful early on in the game. Consider using them in certain situations, but aim to replace them as you progress through the game.

D Tier:

These characters should be avoided whenever possible as they underperform in all stages of the game and all game modes. Only use them as a last resort if you have no other options available. 

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