Last generation disturbs Tschentscher organizers with wrangling

Climate activists caused a riot at a political event. When the mayor of Hamburg gave a speech, the police had to move in.

Peter Tschentscher

Peter TschentscherChris Emil Janssen/Imago

Climate activists of the last generation massively disrupted a speech by Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). The police finally arrived after a scuffle and arrested a man on Monday evening.

As t-online writes after a report from the site, the incident happened in a cultural center in the Lohbrügge district of Hamburg. According to the information, Tschentscher was initially disturbed on stage by calls from the audience during his speech. The group of troublemakers is said to have included the father of a climate activist who is currently in preventive custody. On site he is said to have spoken of the fact that this is a disproportionate punishment. He also reported “torture-like conditions”.

Tschentscher counters, man storms the stage

Tschentscher is said to have criticized the behavior of the activists. He is said to have replied: “We can’t treat each other like that in a democratic community. I am also firmly convinced that what is happening there is not in the interests of climate protection.”

According to Tschentscher, the climate activists unfurled a banner that refers to Article 20a of the Basic Law. Behind this lies the obligation of the German state to protect the environment. “The state protects the natural basis of life and the animals within the framework of the constitutional order through legislation and in accordance with law and justice through the executive power and the judiciary, also in responsibility for future generations,” it says specifically.

Apparently the group was planning another action. According to the report, a man stepped onto the stage, but was quickly overpowered by security forces. Meanwhile, there was probably a scuffle in which stage equipment was also damaged. Finally, the stage striker was taken away by the police.

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