Latto addresses internet trolls in new 777 radio show

latto has built her brand as a rapper and is now the official host of Latto’s Apple Music Show 777 radio.

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During her first interview with a friend and voice artist Chloe Baileythe rapper admitted that troll comments about her “looking old” influenced her.

The two discussed several topics on the show about love, body image, life in general and working in the industry. At one point in the conversation, Latto asked Bailey if she felt any pressure to uphold a certain image.

“Yes… We’re trying to reduce what people can say or talk about us. So since we’re constantly in our heads, we’re like, ‘Okay, how do I fix this, how do I fix this?’ So all our insecurities are amplified [and] Even things we were unsure about will poke at them.”

Latto chimed in, adding, “Like I look old.” Bailey responded with a surprised expression and said it was “crazy” that anyone would think Latto looked a day older than 24.

Latto went on to address how trolls claim she looks like an “old white lady,” and that only unsettled her when she saw such comments on social media.

“It’s all because of social media … You know, I can’t say everything, it just, like you said, increases your insecurity,” Latto said. “And make some new ones!” adds Bailey.

“I never thought I looked old until I read it on the internet,” Latto said. “Now I just think I look like an old white woman.”

Of course, Latto wasn’t alone when it came to the topic of trolls. Bailey gave an example of a time she attended the VMAs and engaged in comments on social media.

The “Body Do” singer explained that she tried to “just sit and face forward” to avoid any comments. However, when she went online, she saw people making salacious comments about her.

“The next thing you know, I see things going around, ‘She looked like she was about to have sex with the chair,'” she laughed.

“I say, ‘Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. I can’t just sit down?’ I say, ‘Now I don’t even roll over in the chair. I’m sitting like that.” I’m sitting like that and I’m happy.”

What fans can expect from future episodes of Lattos 777 Radio

With her new platform, she hopes to leave some chaos on the show. “Anything that needs to be addressed will be addressed on 777 Radio from now on.” She also plans to keep it “very personal” and showcase artists that she listens to.

“I will be highlighting new artists that I feel the world needs to hear, artists that I feel deserve more attention. I listen to a lot of female rap, so I definitely support the girls, and definitely a lot of Southern music,” Latto said in an Apple Music release.

Fans have taken to social media to speculate who the next potential guest on their show will be. Some kicked out Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, but only time will tell!

Listen to Latto’s new show, titled 777 Radio, exclusively on Apple Music.

Check out the full interview between the ladies below.

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