Laura Vermont case: when the State corroborates society’s violence – 05/16/2023

You know when reality shows that it’s not worth talking about trivial matters? I could talk about the pastiche that was the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, or about Laura Pausini’s birthday. But none of that matters. This week, another slap in our face showed me that.

The whole story of the trial of those accused of the murder of Laura Vermont (which I will not repeat here, you are smart and can look it up on the internet) is shameful and shows something typical of Brazilian society: the execration of the feminine figure and the certainty that there is no support from any state entity to trans people.

When I read how it all happened (at the time I didn’t follow it, because this whole continuum of hate and death only brings me pain), I only had anger and fear triggers. Because all that could have happened to me or to so many other people, the most helpless of all. And nobody is going to do anything, because this culture of hate that comes from before the dominance of hate corroborates violence against people who diverge from the schism.

Laura’s family will appeal the sentence, and I hope it will succeed, even if my hopes are low. It remains for us to protect ourselves because no one will defend us and very few people will cry for us.

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