Lavender plants could become “limp” and “less hardy” when gardeners make common mistakes

Lavenders are popular plants that can be found in most UK gardens for their amazing fragrance and ability to cope with Britain’s harsh winters. Loved by pollinators, the plant can also be harvested to make pouches that can be kept in drawers or placed in pillows for a more restful sleep.

While lavender is relatively easy to grow, many people find that their lavender plants die from them.

In fact, the most common reason for this is over-cultivation of the plant, either by over-watering or feeding it.

Annelise Brilli, horticultural expert at Thompson & Morgan, warned gardeners against overfeeding their lavender plants as it could result in a “limp” and “less robust” plant.

She told exclusively: “Don’t feed your lavender plants.

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“Like most Mediterranean plants, lavender prefers nutrient-poor soil and feeding only encourages soft, limp growth that blooms less, is less hardy and more susceptible to pests and diseases.”

Lavender thrives in poor soil, needs very little water, and rarely needs fertilizing.

When a lavender plant stops flowering, it could be a sign that the plant has been over-fertilized.

Lavender plants can be fertilized occasionally, but this must be done correctly to avoid damage to the plant.

As with feeding, lavender plants also don’t like overwatering as it can lead to yellow leaves.

Regularly overwatering a lavender plant can result in falling leaves, an unpleasant smell of rot, and soggy soil.

Eventually, if repeatedly overwatered, the plant will die.

Underwater lavenders hang down and the earth feels completely dry.

The rule for lavender is to water it regularly in the first summer.

But once the plant is well established, the plant is drought tolerant, so it only needs occasional watering.

During hot summer droughts, the plant may need to be watered more frequently.

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